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SNA minutes 2009.10

Samish Neighborhood Association Draft Meeting Notes October 13, 2009

Call to Order: Greg McCracken called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.  Attending Dock Conoboy, April Markiewicz, Greg McCracken, David Gilberson, Ned Hannah, K. Trinn Murray, Pauline Palmer, Garey Vodopich, Steve Hood and Shirley Forslof.   Greg announced that Tim Wynn and Tom Roehl would be late, Eric Weight is excused and he has not heard from Joe Carpenter.

Public comment period: Guest Catherine Chambers announced that she was a visitor and interested in listening to the concerns of the SNA members.

Approval of Minutes: A motion to approve the July 14, 2009 agenda was made, seconded and passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: April gave the Treasurer’s report showing a beginning balance in checking of $1,199.80, revenues from membership dues $321.00, SNA rental of grill and tables $332.34, SNA picnic food $132.15 with an ending balance of $1,056.31.  A total balance in Savings, checking and petty cash of $1,131,52.    A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the Treasurer’s report as printed.   April also presented current membership data that shows 25 new dues paying household members 2009, 123 renewed dues paying active household members 2009, 189 dues paying active households 2008-09 with a total household membership of 495 on the membership list which is $37% of the total households in the Samish Neighborhood.

MNAC Report: It was reported that nothing of great interested happened at the MNAC meeting.

New Business:

Greg gave an update on the Samish Glenn project.  Owner David Edelstein requested the architectural restrictions that a sidewalk be required from the front porch to the sidewalk be removed and that instead the sidewalk be from the driveway to the sidewalk.   The City of Bellingham and SNA agreed with the developer.

Steve reported that Greenbrier got the late-comers fee for the sewer waived.

A discussion was held on the possible benefits of the SNA changing from the present 501 C-4 status to a 501C-3.  ConocoPhillips gives $500 each month for every eight hours of volunteer service by its employees, but only if the tax status of the organization is 501 C-3.

Steve moved that we consider investigating pursuing a 501 C-3 status for SNA.  Seconded by Murray, motion passed.   Davis will look into the requirements for a 501 C-3 and report back next month.  April and Greg will also do some research.

Dick gave a report on the October 10 forum.  He reported that Council Member Weiss presented a proposal in 2008 of six categories that he would like to be looked at in a comprehensive way:

  1. Look at Title 20 codes and create infractions instead of criminal prosecutions.
  2. Look at landlord licensing and an accountability program increasing quality of rentals in the community as well as being able to track overcrowding situations.
  3. Look at the definition of family and to either keep it the way it is, add to it, eliminate it or come up with another type of mechanism – such as square footage per person program.
  4. Upgrade Litter Control Officer (already done) so enforcement opportunities are better.
  5. Look at upgrades to the city’s nuisance ordinances.
  6. Initiate discussion with the University to allow the University to understand city and neighborhood concerns about the impacts of increased enrollment on the community and what we would hope that the University would do in a cooperative manner with the city

To date the above topics have not been brought before the City Council, however they are looking at some of them.

April sent out a notice of the Let’s Talk Forum to be held on October 20.

Steve and Trinn will work on a draft letter from the SNA Board to the City of Bellingham regarding housing regulations.  Suggestions for inclusion in the letter include welcoming all people to the neighborhood and licensing of landlords.  They will bring the draft to the November SNA meeting.]

Greg said the sign and the website cost $2800.  He is updating the website weekly.

Picnic Review: Tim asked the question why was the attendance down and is this the correct venue.  A discussion was held regarding the focus of the picnic and a suggestion was made that the picnic would be a great opportunity to change the focus to “Meet your Neighbors”.

Greg was encouraged to contact the City on April 1 to reserve the Lake Padden Park picnic area.

Pauline said that she needed material for the next newsletter by the end of January 2010.

Trinn presented a draft proposal of  a good neighbor/business award.  The proposal is for a prestigious award given by the Samish Neighborhood Association on a quarterly basis to recognize businesses located in or near the Samish Neighborhood lines that embody the following values:  Integrity, Good Neighbor Ethics, invested in the immediate Community through Conservation, Preservation or a concrete contribution of a positive quality of life in the Samish Neighborhood.  Directly promote the character of the neighborhood.   She asked for other ideas.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

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