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SNA Fall 2010 Newsletter

Fall 2010

Neighborhood News


P.O. Box 1551  Bellingham, WA 98227

Annual Samish Neighborhood Barbecue/Potluck at Lake Padden Park

Noon to 3 p.m. Sunday, September 12

Plan to bring your family, meet your neighbors and enjoy a tasty barbecue. We’ll have special guests, information tables and maps of the Samish area so you can discuss what’s going on in the neighborhood with SNA board members and other residents. We’ve also invited current officials as well as new candidates running for office in this fall’s election. This is a great time for a face-to-face to see what these people have to say about what they think our future will bring! SNA will provide barbecued chicken, hotdogs, condiments, soft drinks and coffee. Remember to bring your favorite dish to share and chairs or a blanket for your seating comfort.

Potluck dish suggestions are:  Last name A-M Side Dish N-S Salad T-Z Dessert

Dinner is free with your potluck contribution and yearly dues paid ($15 per household, $12 for seniors). We charge friends and former neighbors $5 each. If you haven’t already paid your 2010-11 membership fees, mail in your registration form and check now (see page 4) or plan to bring them to the registration table at the picnic.

Not sure if you’ve already paid this year’s membership fee? Just contact SNA Treasurer Tim Wynn, 714-1366,

How to Find Us: Enter the park through the east (golf course) entrance and look for the Samish Neighborhood banner at the large picnic shelter between the play equipment area and the lake.

President’s Report

Our mission for the Samish Neighborhood Association is to improve communications between our residents and the city. The task is getting harder since, with such a poor economy, some tough decisions had to be made. But our board believes we have found some solutions in better using our website, modestly raising our dues and applying for a 501(c)3 tax exemption status to better receive donations. Twice a year, this SNA newsletter arrives in your mailbox. We use it to touch base with you, let you know what has happened in the last six months, and provide information about our neighborhood. Our website does the same service every day at a fraction of the price. The board has discussed no longer mass-mailing our newsletters and switching to website-only communications. The decision won’t an easy one, and the discussion comes up often as we deal with our budget. We understand that some households still do not have internet access. Others don’t even know how or care to look at our website. We hope to change that in the coming years. The lowered cost and convenience of the website is a big incentive, but there also is, of course, the reality of budgets. Printing and mailing this newsletter to 1,400 households in Samish neighborhood costs more than $1,200 a year. The city – which formed neighborhood associations in part to facilitate communications – used to give us $1,000; now that’s been cut in half. I hope that we can find a way to continue some form of printed material for those who cannot use the internet, but for now it is cheaper for us to bulk mail our newsletter to every household. All or some is not an option. Other associations canhand-deliver their materials; as the largest neighborhood, we can not. The second tough decision was that for the first time since our inception in 1980, we are raising our dues from $12 to $15 per household (membership for seniors will increase from $10 to $12). This is more in line with other association memberships and will help us bridge some of our gaps.

Third, we are applying for a 501(c)3 federal tax exempt status. While we will continue to be a nonprofit association, this will allow people to claim their donations (but not membership fees) as a deduction. I have to thank April Markiewicz for all of her work in taking on this task. We are committed to serving our neighborhood and rely on your continued support.


Greg McCracken, SNA President

Samish Neighborhood News is published twice yearly by the Samish Neighborhood Association, P.O. Box 1551, Bellingham, WA 98227-1551

Editor: Pauline Palmer Assistant Editor: Ginny Davidson Contributors: Kincaid Davidson, April Markiewicz, Greg McCracken, Trinn Murray


7 p.m Community Baptist Church, 810 Samish Way, second Tuesday of the month, except March (annual meeting) and September (annual picnic).

To sign up at our Web site: Include your email address on your membership form and go to

Get to Know Your Neighbors

By Kincaid Davidson, Samish Neighborhood

American Goldfinch

 The first time I saw this bird I thought someone’s pet had escaped. The bird was beautiful with bright yellow body and black tipped wings. It had some black on the top of its head, and its tail was also black. It was small, just a little smaller than a sparrow, and was eating from our bird feeder. Turns out, this beautiful small bird is the American Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis). It is the state bird of Washington, Iowa and New Jersey. Even though they travel in flocks, I have only seen two or four at a time here on Samish Hill. It is during their breeding season they become so colorful. Both the male and, to a lesser extent, the female become much brighter during mating season so that they truly stand out when seen in trees or on small brush.

The American Goldfinch eats mostly seeds and loves the seeds of thistles and sunflowers. They live along the edge of meadows, in fields or along rivers, and are very happy to eat from bird feeders. It is not unusual for residents of Samish Hill to see the American Goldfinch in their backyards. They are common throughout the United States and are not considered endangered. At times, they will hang upside down to eat from feeders.

The American Goldfinch breeds later than most song birds due to their love of seeds. Their beautiful breeding colors become apparent in July and August. Because of their colors, they are also known as the Wild Canary. Their nests are small, cup shaped and so finely woven they will hold water. The female lays four to six eggs which hatch in twelve to fourteen days. The young birds are ready to leave the nest in twelve to sixteen days. The life span of the American Goldfinch is six to eight years. We have resident American Goldfinchs, but they are much harder to spot during the winter due to their lack of color. On Samish Hill, they are most common near fields or along the woods where the thistles grow. During late spring and summer, they are unmistakable due to their bright colors, and the first time you see one you too will think someone’s pet has escaped.

Proposed Changes to Samish Tax Status

By April Markiewicz,  SNA Board Member

As some of you know, the Samish Neighborhood Association (SNA) is registered with the Washington Secretary of State as a non-profit corporation and with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501(c)(4) tax exempt non-profit organization. The major difference between a 501(c)(4) and a 501(c)(3) organization is that a 501(c)(4) may lobby for legislation and participate in political campaigns and elections, as long as campaigning is not the organization’s primary purpose. This ability to “influence legislation” on the behalf of Samish Neighborhood Association interests, however, comes at a price. The limitation is that donations made to us cannot be deducted from the donor’s taxable income. In the last few years this limitation has prevented us from:

Seeking donations and obtaining grant funds from local companies to use on such things as maintaining our new website (

Renewing the rights to our domain name (

Enhancing the landscaping around our neighborhood welcome signs.

Buying more welcome and meeting notification signs.

Paying for the rising costs of our biannual newsletter.

Helping defray the costs of our annual spring meeting and fall picnic.

As a result we have reluctantly had to increase membership dues to keep pace with expenses. The SNA Board of Directors spent several months evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of maintaining our 501(c)(4) status, as well as investigating what political activity is allowed by 501(c)(3) organizations. Our conclusion was that given our minimal “political activities” even at the height of updating our Samish Neighborhood Plan, changing to a 501(c)(3) organization would be appropriate and provide the most benefit to the association. The first step before applying for 501(c)(3) status is updating and revising our 1980 Articles of Incorporation that are on file with the Washington Secretary of State to comply with requirements of the IRS. Since the Articles are 30 years old, the changes are substantial and will require approval of the membership before we can proceed with the application process. The original Articles and the proposed revisions are posted on the SNA website. Go to and click on the SNA Proposed Articles of Incorporation link. If you would like a paper copy mailed to you, please contact me at (360) 734-4498 and provide your address.

We welcome all comments, suggestions and editorial changes. Please send them to April Markiewicz, 235 Milton Street, Bellingham, WA 98229 or email them to me at Thank you!

Samish Select Award

Nominations are now being accepted for the first annual Samish Select Award. Do you know someone who:

√ Preserves/Enhances Character of the Samish Neighborhood, or

√ Promotes a Cohesive Neighborhood Community/ Identity, or

√ Provides Leadership in the Samish Neighborhood, or

√ Provides a Healthy Business Community for the Samish Neighborhood?

If the answer is “yes!” we would like to hear from you. Please read the following:

1 Identify the person you would like to nominate.

2 Determine the area in which they have positively impacted the neighborhood.

3 Describe how that impact has manifested itself and the way in which it deserves recognition.

Please limit the nomination narrative to one page, attach any additional artifacts to your narrative, and provide your name and contact information in the event that your nominee is selected.

Submit to: SNA, Attn: Samish Select Committee, PO Box 1551, Bellingham, WA 98227.

Nominations must be postmarked by Dec. 14, 2010, for consideration and review, or may be handdelivered to an SNA board member or at a board meeting no later than Dec. 14, 2010. Information also is available by going to and using the search option at the bottom of the page. A decision will be made by Jan. 15, 2011, and a recognition certificate will be presented at the March 2011 annual meeting.


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Home Page info

Welcome to the Samish Neighborhood Association website!

SNA represents the largest included area of 25 neighborhoods in Bellingham — 2,030 acres including Lake Padden Park. Close to 3,500 people in about 1400 households live in this southern Bellingham neighborhood filled with large and small single-family lots, pastoral lands, trails and recreation areas.

Our mission is to serve as a public voice for our fellow residents and promote the interests of the neighborhood in matters of land use, zoning and other laws, regulations, rules and ordinances. As an elected board, we work to protect the quality of life and character of the neighborhood that brought you to Samish.

This web site will provide timely news and information for the residents of Samish Neighborhood.
• The News/Events page will list news, events of interest, and minutes of past meetings. Minutes are marked “DRAFT” until approved.
• The SNA page has board information, contacts, and links to information pertinent to the neighborhood.
• The Links page contains links to resources such as city, state and U.S. representatives, and city websites.
• The Photos page is available for those photographers wanting to post images of the neighborhood. Email photos to the contact address
• The Forum page is no longer active.

This is your website; your comments and contributions are not only welcome but essential for a healthy exchange of news and ideas. Email your questions, contributions and requests to

I encourage you to join SNA to support your neighborhood and your investment. Annual dues for a household of any size are $15 ($12 for seniors) and are payable in March. Click here for the membership form.

The board meets on  the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Community Baptist Church, 810 S. Samish Way. (Occasionally meetings are cancelled – check on the Home page. This meeting is open to Samish residents and the general public.

Steve Abell
President, Samish Neighborhood Association

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SNA Minutes 2010.07

Samish Neighborhood Association (SNA)

Board of Directors Meeting

July 13th, 2010

Call to order: President Greg McCracken called the meeting to order: BOD present is Greg McCracken, David Gilbertson, Trinn Murray, Gary Vodopich, Joe Carpenter, Dick Conoboy, April Markiewicz, Tim Wynn, Tom Roehl, and Steve Abel.  Absent directors were Christopher Morrison, Shirley Forslof, Eric Weight and Emily Pacheco. Neighborhood residents attending were Pauline Palmer.

Public Comments: Garey noted his street is getting sewer service.

Old Business

Presidents Comments: Greg had nothing new to report.

Approval of June 2010 Minutes: Approved unanimously following change of $500 versus $1000 contribution via COB.

Treasurer’s Report: Tim reported we have we have a current balance of $1,827.43

MNAC: Greg did not attend the meeting this month nor did Eric.

SNA Tax Status: Membership vote planned for September General Meeting.

Good Neighbor/Business Award: Trinn reported that she has reached out to Key Bank and

other businesses for sponsorship. BOD agreed to have Trinn write and article for the next newsletter calling for nominations. The recipient of the award will be selected and presented at the March General Meeting.

New Business

Sign Modification: Garey discussed modifying our neighborhood signs to add the website. BOD agreed to consider sign that hangs from bottom that compliments the existing aesthetic of the existing sign.

Picnic Preparations: Reservations are already made. Pauline will contact Kin and Ginny Davidson regarding the cooking. Tim will reserve the grill and 6 tables and 20 chairs. Greg will get the info on the website and invite elected officials. Greg will also get a map of neighborhood for reference.

Newsletter: Pauline noted that August 20 is the mail date. Four pages only, eight pages would be too expensive.

For the Good of the Neighborhood: Dick updated the BOD about the Fireworks Ban proposed by Charles and Ann Anderson and their letter to the city. BOD discussed the matter in great detail and decided to ask Mr. Anderson to come back to talk to the BOD about the issue in August, September, or October.

Meeting Adjourned

Samish Neighborhood Association

7 p.m.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Community Baptist Church

Call to order

Public comment period (Please limit comments to three minutes)

Old Business

President’s Announcements

Approval of July 2010 Minutes

Treasurer’s Report

MNAC Report

Good Neighbor/Business Award

New Business

Picnic preparations

Newsletter review

For the Good of the Neighborhood


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SNA Minutes 2010.06

Samish Neighborhood Association (SNA)

Board of Directors Meeting

June 8th, 2010

Call to order: President Greg McCracken called the meeting to order: BOD present is Greg McCracken, Shirley Forslof, Joe Carpenter, Dick Conoboy, April Markiewicz, Tim Wynn, Tom Roehl, Steve Abel, and Christopher Morrison.  Absent directors were Eric Weight, Trinn Murray, David Gilbertson, Emily Pacheco and Gary Vodopich. Neighborhood residents attending were Pauline Palmer and Barry Alsos.

Public Comments: Dues were increased to $15. This is the first increase in 5 years.

Presidents Comments: Greg talked to Terry Falstrom at City about waterline question regarding metering of water lines to homes. State mandate required by year 2017.

Approval of May 2010 Minutes: Approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: This was the last report from April before Tim takes over. We have a current balance of $1,954.83. April will be removed from the signature card at the bank, Tim was already on card, and Greg will be added. Pauline Palmer will also be removed.

MNAC: Greg told the BOD about the COB’s ‘City IQ’. This is an Information Query to look at Land, Sewer, Water, and Electrical info for land development. Check COB website for more info.

Paid parking downtown is now on Central Meter’s. The cost is now more, but you can pay for longer periods of time.

SNA Tax Status: Nothing new to report.

Good Neighbor/Business Award: Nothing new to report.

New Business: Newsletter articles are due end of July, approved by mid August, sent to printer by end of August in time for Annual Meeting on September 12. We talked about newsletter cost, of $1,300 per year. City used to give us $1,000; now we get $500. We discussed goal of going paperless by 2014? We could send post cards announcing new format.

Neighborhood Trash collection sponsored by WWU and COB is at the Park and Ride at Lincoln Creek , Laurel Park, Sehome Hill next to Armory, and Happy Valley (26th and Douglas).

Meeting Adjourned

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SNA Minutes 2010.05

Samish Neighborhood Association

May 11, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Public Comment: None

President’s Announcements: None

April Meeting Minutes: no amendments, approved

Treasure’s report: approved, attached, balance $1,964.83

MNAC report: See MNAC minutes submitted to President. (1) City website has useful links re green infrastructure; (2) city is moving forward with plan amendments/votes; (3) the planning dept (Greg Aucult) is working on the comprehensive plan review; (4) there is progress and development on the waterfront master plan (see website); (5) Post Point Treatment Plant update (details on city website); discussion of “Smart Growth” (city contact person: Jackie Lynch).

Good Neighbor/Business: Award Update – good progress, see written material supplied by Trinn

New Business: Significant discussion re budget/membership dues. Motion passed to increase annual dues to $15/household, $12 for seniors, effective immediately.

URL: is available, and are not available

Development updated postponed

Review of BPD Citizen Academy by Gary V. Excellent 12 week program, highly recommended for participation

FTGOTN: WWU low rider show, Water Meter Status

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SNA Minutes 2010.04

Samish Neighborhood Association (SNA)

Board of Directors Meeting

April 13th, 2010

Call to order: President Greg McCracken called the meeting to order: BOD present is Greg McCracken, Shirley Forslof, Joe Carpenter, Dick Conoboy, April Markiewicz, Tim Wynn, Eric Weight, Trinn Murray, David Gilbertson, Emily Pacheco, and Christopher Morrison. Absent were Steve Abel, Tom Roehl, and Gary Vodopich. Absent members informed Greg of the absence and are thus excused. Neighborhood residents attending were Alexis Miller.

Public Comments: No public comments were made.

Election of Officers: Greg was nominated for another term as President and approved unanimously. Tom was nominated for another term as Vice President and approved unanimously. Joe was nominated for another term as Secretary and approved unanimously. Tim was nominated for his first term as Treasurer and approved unanimously.

Old Business

President’s Announcement: Greg did a head count of 75 attendees at our March 2010 General meeting. Our guest speakers were great, especially Andy Day from the Fire Department regarding Disaster Preparedness.  Greg informed us that he has already reserved the ‘Shelter’ at Lake Padden for our General Meeting this summer. The date and time are Saturday September 12th from 12-3PM. This is the first weekend after Labor Day.

Approval of February/March Minutes: The minutes for February were approved following the correction requested by April regarding the current status of SNA’s tax request via WA Secretary of State. No March minutes were taken or approved due to it being our General Meeting.

Treasurer’s report: April reported we have a total balance of $1,872. 83. We received $500 reimbursement from the City of Bellingham (COB) for our ‘Neighborhood Services Grant’ and $373.00 in membership dues. April noted in 2009 we were given $1000.00 by COB and for 2010 only $500. We do not yet know what, if anything we will receive come 2011. This being the case we may need to consider an increase in membership dues to $15 per year. The BOD discussed options for doing a membership drive like calling, letters, or events like ‘Easter Egg Hunts’, ect.

MNAC Report: Greg has nothing to report due to the MNAC meeting being held on the same day and time as our March General Meeting thus preventing him from attending.

SNA Tax Status: April reported that in order for us to change our status from a 501c(4) to a 501c(3) we need to change our ‘Articles of Incorporation’. The main detail that needs to be addressed in our new articles is that a “substantial” part of our activity cannot have the goal of influencing legislation. April will work with a sub-committee consisting of Eric, Tim, and herself to draft our new articles and report back to the BOD.

Good Neighbor/Business Award: Trinn reported the concept of the “Samish Select’s” concept. This would be an award to a neighbor in recognition for the unique actions they perform to make our neighborhood a better place. Thus, a person who ‘exemplifies’ a ‘good neighbor’. We could then find a business to sponsor this award with a gift certificate and or plaque. Trinn will come up with a form for us to use to nominate those individuals.

New Business:

SNA meeting signs will be redistributed to Christopher and Trinn for placement in the neighborhood. We also discussed creating a database for different neighborhood covenants in our neighborhood. Shirley noted that many of these, if recently filed, are online at the Auditors website. She also noted to be careful to try and find them first and thus avoid the cost of having them printed at the Auditor’s office itself.

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SNA minutes 2010.02

Samish Neighborhood Association (SNA)

Board of Directors Meeting

February 9, 2010

Call to order: President Greg McCracken called the meeting to order: BOD present is Greg McCracken, Steve Hood, Joe Carpenter, Dick Conoboy, Tom Roehl, April Markiewicz, Tim Wynn, Eric Weight, and Trinn Murray. Absent were Shirley Forslof, Gary Vodopich, Ned Hannah, and David Gilbertson. Neighborhood residents attending were Barry Alsos, Beth Fryback, Julia Howard, and Bob Wallin.

Public Comments: No public comments were made.

Old Business

President’s Announcement: Greg informed BOD of Planning Director (Tim Stewart) is considering providing a 2 year extension for development and land use permits.

Approval of January 2009 Minutes: A motion was made and approved unanimously to approve the January minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: April reported we have a total balance of $1,240.38 $65.21 of which is in savings, $10 petty cash, and the remaining $1,165.17 in checking. $600 expenditure requested for the SNA Newsletter, motion made and passed unanimously to approve newsletter cost. The Treasurer’s report was approved unanimously.

MNAC Report: Greg reported that Block Watch and Disaster Preparedness is the focus for 2010. He also noted a WWU club, Viking Commons Builders Club that has a quarterly trash pick-up plan. BOD discussed if consideration should be made to WWU students to be represented on BOD. Nicole in planning department updated the MNAC by saying the 2010 Planning agenda is getting shorter, the Barkley and Meridian Neighborhoods are being divided, and planners are taking on additional duties to plan urban villages. Linda Stewart is back in City Hall, but not working on Waterfront.

SNA Tax Status: April has reviewed the SNA’s Articles of Incorporation and sent the request for change in tax status to the Secretary of State.

Good Neighbor/Business Award: Trinn discussed looking for both businesses and community groups that contribute to a strong neighborhood. Ask the question, ‘How do businesses and or groups add or detract from the value of the neighborhood. i.e. Zoom, Zoom Coffee, not in neighborhood but do they add to quality of life. BOD noted that Haggen donates to our General Meeting’s every year. We discussed how we could leverage our relationship with us and they could leverage theirs too.

New Business

Newsletter: Pauline provided BOD with Newsletter Draft for Review.

Plan For General Meeting: General meeting in march moved back to March 17 too accommodate schedule conflict at Elks Lodge. We expect guest speakers like Assistant Fire Chief Andy Day to have a Disaster Preparedness table. University Relations VP Steve Swan will present too.

For the Good of the Neighborhood: Nothing to report.

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SNA Minutes 2010.01

Samish Neighborhood Association (SNA)

Board of Directors Meeting

January 12, 2010 7PM

Call to order: President Greg McCracken called the meeting to order: BOD present is Greg McCracken, Steve Hood, Joe Carpenter, David Gilbertson, Dick Conoboy, Garey Vodopich, Ned Hannah, April Markiewicz, and Tom Roehl. Absent were Tim Wynn, Shirley Forslof, Eric Weight and Trinn Murray. Neighborhood residents attending were Pauline Palmer and Don Hale.

Public Comments: No public comments were made.

Old Business

President’s Announcement: Nothing to report from MNAC. We continue to prepare for our SNA General Meeting on March 10. Greg thanked Steve for November’s Minutes and asked if there were any comments on them.

Approval of November 2009 Minutes: A motion was made and approved unanimously to approve the November minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: April reported we have a total balance of $1,250.38. $65.21 of which is in savings, $10 petty cash, and the remaining $1,175.17 in checking. Outflows were for Sec. of State non-profit renewal, and meeting room rental. The Treasurer’s report was approved unanimously.

MNAC Report: Greg reported the COB budget continues to face scrutiny. Thus neighborhood associations like ours will have the financial support from the COB reduced from $1000.00 per year to $500. There will also not be any ‘Small and Simple Grants’ this year. Greg also reported that we will have a US Census Representative at the next general meeting to explain to residents what to expect when they encounter a Census worker. There is also a new program from the city that utilizes a computer based simulation on storm water runoff. The program is voluntary and the city is looking for volunteers. The city has a budget of $50K. This program is similar to ones provided in cities like Portland OR, and Boston MA.

SNA Tax Status: No discussion at this time.

Good Neighbor/Business Award: Trin was expected to report on this idea. The BOD discussed the problem of not having very many businesses in the neighborhood boundaries.

New Business

Pauline reported that the Newsletter deadline is the end of January. Our annual meeting is scheduled for March 10. Thus we will need to get the draft to the printer by February 9th.

Plan for General Meeting in March: Greg asked for volunteers for the BOD nomination committee. Steve and Ned said they will not run for reelection. Steve, Ned, Joe, April, will be on committee and look for geographic representation. Tom Chisolm should be approached to run again. Parkhurst should be looked in to given they do not have any representation on BOD. April reported the last membership drive worked well and she expects more membership renewals at our next general meeting. BOD agreed that our focus at this meeting should be SNA’s new website. Greg asked if we should consider a retreat for BOD to focus on issues like bylaws, structure of SNA, ect. Invited guest at the next general meeting are Mayor, Steve Swan from WWU University Relations, New Councilman Mike Lilliquist, our Neighborhoods Anti-Crime Unit Officer Sergeant Keith Johnson, and Andy Day from the Bellingham Fire Department. We plan to have tables set up for Membership. Consider table for Disaster Preparedness. We’ll need to bring maps as usual. Greg will invite Seth Fleetwood and April will contact Kathy Bell on Land Use. Greg will also invite a representative from Puget and Sehome Neighborhood too.

For the Good of the Neighborhood: Dick C. noted the website needs some updating to reflect new City Council members, County too. There is a Citizen Transportation Forum on Jan. 30th at Fountain Community Church from 10-12. Steve inquired as to the status of the development at the end of 33rd. Greenways is considering buying the Chuckanut Ridge area. April noted the Small and Simple grant presentation will be at an upcoming MNAC meeting. April and Greg will do presentation together on February 17th at 7PM in the Mayor’s Boardroom. Joe asked if he could plant a Flowering Crabapple Tree at the Samish and Elwood neighborhood sign. BOD agreed that was fine.

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