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SNA minutes 2012-01

Samish Neighborhood Association Meeting

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012


Meeting called to order by President Joseph Carpenter.

BOD present: Joseph Carpenter, Steve Abell, Garey Vodopich, Greg McCracken, Tim Wynn, Christopher Morrison,

Richard Conoboy, Emily Pacheco, Tom Roehl

BOD Members absent: Shirley Forslof, Martin Carter, David Gilbertson, April Markiewicz

Guests present: Christopher Grannis, Don Hale, Steve Hood

Public comments: Christopher Grannis talked about the possibility of obtaining a letter from the Southern Neighborhood

coalition in conjunction with the SNA to communicate with city council regarding opposition to the Padden Trails


President’s announcements:

Padden Trails update

Planning commission meeting attended by Joseph Carpenter. Joe gave an update on the meeting regarding the rezone of

the land owned by Padden Trails for the purpose of multi-family unit dwelling development. The recommendation by the

Planning Commission was to approve the rezone. No public comments were allowed at this meeting. Both Steve Abell

and Joseph Carpenter attended.

BOD Members agreed to meet with each City Council member individually and broach talking points in opposition to this

proposed development. Board Members decided which City Council members they would meet with specifically. Talking

points opposing the development include: Traffic flow through the neighborhood, single access road by the fire department

to the proposed development, impact on the environment, infill toolkit on the edge of town really “edgefill” toolkit, lack

of public transportation, geographic isolation, and general opposition by the neighborhood associations. It was suggested

we draft a letter to the Southern Neighborhood coalition to reiterate their opposition of this development.

Approval of November Minutes:

Motion made to approve minutes. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Monthly report for January 2012

Savings balance: $5.00, Checking balance: $1422.17 Petty cash: Key Bank Award M/C $100.00

Total balance all accounts: $1527.17 Note: includes $175.00 remaining in the SNA Select Account

Commitments: Room rental January 2012 (-$10.00), Secretary of State Annual renewal (-$10.00)

Revenue: Revenue from dues and Master rental refund (+$88.72)

Available funds as of January 10, 2012: $1590.89

Year End Report for January 2011 through December 2011

Savings: Beginning balance $65.21, Ending balance $5.00. Net change -$60.21

Checking Balance: Beginning balance $1528.25, Ending balance $1422.17. Net change -$106.08

Summary of Checking account activity: Biannual Newsletter -$1322.41, Picnic -$456.88, Office Admin -$85.50, Licenses,

Articles of Incorporation -$533.00, Misc dues +$1637.00


Greg McCracken offered to put out our next newsletter, with the commitment from the BOD to provide the material. The

focus of the articles will be on the Padden Trails Development and the impact on the neighborhood.

General Meeting for SNA

General Meeting date set for March 7th, 2012. Kelli Linnville will be invited to speak at our general meeting to speak as

the new mayor of Bellingham. The Fire Chief, Jason Napier, will be asked to speak.

Meeting Adjourned

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