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SNA minutes 2012-04

Samish Neighborhood Association Meeting

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Community Baptist Church


Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by President Carpenter

Board members present: Carpenter, Morrison, Vodopich, Conoboy, Eisenberg, Gilbertson, Hale, Abell

Board members absent: Forslof, Roehl, Wynn, Pacheco

Additional attendee: George Huston

Public Comment Period: none

Old Business

President’s Announcements: none

Approval of Minutes: January minutes approved. February and March minutes not available

Treasurer’s Report: no report available

New Business

Officer elections: Nominees included Joe Carpenter (President), Tom Roehl (Vice Pres), Tim Wynn (Treasurer), Steve Abell (Secretary), Dick Conoboy (MNAC representative), David Gilbertson (MNAC alternate rep). Vodopich moved to accept nominations and elect all candidates to designated offices. Motion seconded, passed unanimously.

Discussed signatories to bank account: President Carpenter expressed wish to not be included in authorized signatories. Will be restricted to Treasurer and Secretary. Greg McCracken removed from list.

Discussed SNA Newsletter. Treasurer Wynn left notes to be read by President Carpenter. Expect cost of annual picnic, general meeting, and two annual newsletters to exceed income even with $500 grant from city included in income. Alternatives explored: (1) limit to one newsletter per year (not attractive option – inadequate for notification of March general meeting and September picnic); (2) include advertising (increases income but lengthens newsletter and thereby increases cost – might consider business card-size ads); (3) send via email or put on website instead of USPS, or combination of both (some Samish residents will not have Internet access, might make paper copy available to these); (4) do one paper newsletter plus one postcard, or two postcards. Hale suggested oversized postcard (40¢ X 1300 would save about $200 relative to a newsletter). No decision made, but Wynn pointed out that we must do something to avoid running out of money.

Signs: discussed location of announcement signs; polled group to see who would be willing to manage sign(s) when needed. Morrison volunteered for one sign.

Picnic general meeting: proposed first Sunday after Labor Day, September 9. Abell will check availability of Lake Padden Park Playground (west) shelter with Parks Dept. Alternate date Sep 16.

Brief discussion of MNAC: indications are that with new Mayor Linville in office, expect improved access to city management and more attention to neighborhood concerns.

Hale expressed support for Padden Trails project. No other comments on this subject.

Meeting adjourned.

Steve Abell, Secretary

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