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SNA minutes 2012-05

Samish Neighborhood Association Meeting

Tuesday, May 8, 2012  Community Baptist Church

 Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM by President Carpenter

Board members present: Carpenter, Roehl, Eisenberg, Wynn, Conoboy, Vodopich, Abell

Board members absent: Pacheco, Hale(excused), Morrison, Gilbertson(excused), Carter

Public Comment Period: no comments

Old Business

President’s Announcements: none

Approval of Minutes: April minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report: Tim Wynn reported balances as follows: Savings $5; Checking $1,503.52; Cash $100; Total Balance $1,608.52.  Payables $50; Receivables $72.  Currently available funds $1,645.52.  99 memberships currently paid up.  Report approved.

Finalize banking service changes: Tim Wynn will set up providing signatures (Wynn & Abell) to credit union, finalizing changes in account authorization.

SNA Newsletter. Suneeta Eisenberg suggested using USPS to send newsletters via 15¢ postcard deal. She will follow up and present information at June meeting.  Discussed value of having membership application coupon in paper newsletter version, ready to send in (with check!), as physical reminder – better than asking prospective members to download and print coupon via Internet. Possibility of using PayPal for electronic dues payments – can we get payments directed to our account? What would the costs be?

Discussed location of neighborhood announcement signs, and who would set them out and store them.

Picnic general meeting: Parks Dept reservation confirmed for September 9. Discussed approaching members via telephone calls made by board members on August 28 (1 week prior to picnic). Also do email notifications. Could provide guidelines for what dishes to bring. Would also give us a chance to clean up old (and possibly invalid or expired) email and phone records. Need to select a location for “Samish Phone Bank” – church? a home? Board generally agreed with this approach and volunteered to participate.

New Business

Tim will make formal application for city grant ($500) – officers will need to sign form.

Discussion of problems obtaining 501(c)(3) status. IRS refuses to qualify our status as educational organization. We have 2 months to reply to this rejection. We might re-apply as charitable organization, but would have to show evidence that we do not presently have. Might also just abandon the application (would lose non-refundable $400 fee). The original idea was to allow us to accept donations and provide tax deduction to donors. We think other neighborhoods may have qualified in this category – Dick Conoboy will make inquiries at MNAC meeting to gather ideas for qualification.

Discussed review and revision of by-laws to include provision for removing a board member for cause. By-laws now have provision for removal if board member has 3 unexcused absences per year. Would also consider a provision to exclude agents from attending meetings on behalf of an Association member. Board agrees review/revision is much needed in any case. Suggested having a draft ready to distribute at the picnic, with approval vote of general membership at 2013 March general meeting. Dick Conoboy will re-send to board members the by-laws of several other neighborhood associations for our review.

Meeting adjourned.

Steve Abell, Secretary


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