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SNA minutes 2012-06

Samish Neighborhood Association Meeting

Tuesday, June 12, 2012  Community Baptist Church

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by President Carpenter

Board members present: Carpenter, Hale, Wynn, Morrison, Gilbertson, Abell

Other attendees: George Huston, Bill Geyer

Board members absent: Roehl (excused), Eisenberg (excused)), Conoboy (excused), Vodopich (excused), Carter

Public Comment Period: no comments

Old Business

President’s Announcements: Emily Pacheco submitted her resignation from the board; resignation was accepted. We now have 10 or 11 board members, depending on status of Carter (see note in new business). According to by-laws, 9 is minimum requirement.

Approval of Minutes: May minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report: Tim Wynn reported balances as follows: Savings $5; Checking $1,575; gift card $100.  Payables $50.  Currently available funds $1,525.  109 memberships currently paid up.  Report approved.

Tim Wynn & Steve Abell signed new signature cards at Industrial Credit Union, either can now sign checks.

Tim submitted our application to city for $500 neighborhood grant. For unknown reasons, the Community Baptist Church has not been cashing our $10 monthly room rental checks – now show 5 checks outstanding.

SNA Newsletter: We have enough funds for two more normal newsletters, will need to do something different for summer 2013. Don Hale reported on postcard possibility, would cost about 35¢ per household, for about 1800 households in Samish, about $100 cheaper than a printed normal newsletter. Tim stated importance of putting a physical reminder (actual piece of paper) into residents’ hands to get better response. Greg McCracken may be willing to put newsletter together but will not take responsibility for writing it. Abell volunteered to do a write-up on Bellingham Pedestrian Master Plan under development by City, and update on Padden Trails. Morrison will do a piece on walking trails in Samish. Carpenter will do President’s Message. We will need to put this content in Greg’s hands NLT August 1st to allow enough time for newsletter prep & mailing.

Picnic general meeting: Sep 9 date confirmed at Padden Park shelter. Tim will reserve tables and barbeque equipment. Reviewed idea of approaching selected Samish residents via telephone calls made by board members around August 28 (1 week prior to picnic), coordinated with arrival of newsletter with picnic invitation. Could provide guidelines for what dishes to bring. Would also give us a chance to clean up old (and possibly invalid or expired) email and phone records. Need to select a location for “Samish Phone Bank” – church? a home?

Don Hale offered to put a picnic invitation sign up at a garage sale he is organizing for August/September.

New Business

Concern about status of Martin Carter as board member. Attendance has been poor to nonexistent. Motion made and passed to remove him from board if he fails to attend next meeting.

Board decided to have a July meeting, will be normal 2nd Tuesday (July 10).

Discussed review and revision of by-laws. We may need to have a public meeting to review changes depending on scope of changes.

Meeting adjourned.

Steve Abell, Secretary

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