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SNA minutes 2012-10

   Samish Neighborhood Association Meeting

Tuesday, October 9, Tim Wynn’s house

Community Baptist Church doors were locked, so thanks to Tim Wynn for offering his house for the meeting.

Meeting called to order by President Carpenter.

Board members present: Carpenter, Abell, Vodopich, Wynn, Hale, Roehl, Gilbertson

Board members absent: Eisenberg, Conoboy, Morrison (all excused)

Public Comment Period: no comments

We received a presentation on disaster preparedness from Nicole Small and Kyle Monroe of the Mt. Baker Chapter of the American Red Cross.  Three key issues in case of a disaster are (1) have an emergency kit suitable for all members of the family; (2) develop and communicate an emergency plan for entire family; (3) stay informed on what’s happening by emergency radio, TV, or whatever is available. The Red Cross representatives distributed some useful documentation on how to prepare for emergencies.

Meeting minutes from August were approved.

Treasurer Tim’s report:  Savings account balance $5.00. Checking account balance $2,148.06. Deposited $1,094 in dues, plus another $54 to be deposited. We have a bill for picnic equipment, $262.24, plus church room rental for August meeting, $10, to be paid. Total available funds as of this date $1,944.82. Report approved by the board.  We now have 131 paid members. Tim will be unavailable from Oct 20 thru Dec 10. Steve Abell will be able to sign checks if needed.

We had about 85 people at the September picnic, and the event was judged a success by consensus of the Board. The survey feedback regarding future communications to neighborhood membership was mixed among internet, newsletter, and postcard.

New business: Bellingham mayor Kelli Linville is expected to attend our November meeting. A proposal for a new park district to generate tax revenue to cover the city’s purchase of Chuckanut Ridge will be voted on by several southern neighborhoods west of I-5. This does not include Samish. Garey Vodopich discussed a possible issue with a real estate ad for an empty lot up for sale on 34th Street. He spoke with a member of the realtor’s office staff to tell her that zoning should be reviewed before suggestions are made on what might be built on the lot.

Meeting adjourned.

Steve Abell


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