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SNA minutes 2013-04

Samish Neighborhood Association Meeting

Thursday, April 10, 2013   Community Baptist Church

Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM by President Carpenter.

Board members present: Joe Carpenter, Tom Roehl, Steve Abell, Garey Vodopich, Dick Conoboy, Don Hale, Christopher Morrison, Tim Wynn, Brian Benjamin, Junga Subedar, Kevin Probasco

Board members absent: Suneeta Eisenberg (on leave)

Guests: Al & Carol Quimby, Ellen Easterbrook, Mozelle Green, David Bruner, Edward Alexander, Alexis Miller, Kathleen Brooks, Officer Jeremy Harper (Bham Police)

This is the first Board meeting for three new Board members, Brian, Junga, and Kevin. At Joe’s suggestion all board members and guests introduced themselves.

Public Comments: Al Quimby thanked the Board and city for the new gravel road improvement along 40th St between Broad and Wilkin.

Officer Harper outlined the mission and current activities of the Neighborhood Anti-crime Team. The Police Department is transitioning to a stronger community orientation. (We heard about this change from Chief Cook at last month’s general meeting.) This team was started to keep citizen’s complaints from losing priority to more urgent situations and not being addressed at all. A call to 911 is still available for true emergencies, but the Anti-crime Team will focus on non-emergency neighborhood issues such as gang activity, prostitution, drugs, noise, burglary, and traffic problems. Sergeant Don Almer, commander of the unit, is the main point of contact for citizens. His contact information is:

Don Almer, Sergeant, Bellingham Police Department

(360) 778-8641 office    (360) 815-1735 cell

Officer Harper can also be contacted directly if Sergeant Almer is not available. His contact information is:

Jeremy Harper, Patrol Officer, Bellingham Police Department

(360) 778-8677 direct     (360) 410-0069 cell

The main phone number for non-emergency calls to the Police Department is (360) 778-8800 M-F 9-4.

President’s Announcements: The March General Meeting went well. The speakers were well received, attendance was good, and several attendees gave positive feedback. Our thanks go to the Elk’s Club for being good neighbors and generously allowing us to use their lodge at no charge.

Old business:

Ÿ Amblin University Ridge student housing project update: not a lot to report. Joe briefly reviewed the overall plans for the development. The developer will apply on about April 29 for a variance for building height to accommodate a revised building arrangement. Because the proper zoning is already in place, the city Planning Department can directly approve final plans. There may or may not be a formal opportunity for public comment, although concerned residents can always submit a letter to the city for consideration. The Puget Neighborhood Board seems uninterested in officially weighing in on this, although they are offering to assist any Puget neighbors who wish to submit comments to the city. Our concerns for Samish residents who live close by the site are traffic, noise, and parking. The developer must submit a Traffic Impact Analysis as part of the approval process, and the city will do a Transportation Concurrency Assessment. Both of these documents will speak to whether or not this area can handle the increased load of cars, bikes, bus demand, and pedestrian access.

Ÿ Meeting minutes from February and March were approved.

Ÿ Treasurer’s report: the Spring Newsletter costs for printing and mailing were $839.03. $681 in dues was deposited with another $168 received but not deposited yet. As of April 11, available funds totaled $2,006.79. This alleviates concern that we might not have enough money to continue two newsletters per year.

Ÿ MNAC update: A new ordinance proposed by Mayor Linville to end direct MNAC input into the city planning process was passed unanimously by the City Council. In Dick’s opinion, echoed by several board members, this is not helpful, although after MNAC approved the change the Council vote was a foregone conclusion. The letter we submitted opposing the change did not have any visible effect on the Council.

Ÿ Garey gave an update on the gravel road improvement along 40th St. It’s completed, thanks to Garey’s persuasive efforts with Ted Carlson, Director of Public Works. Tom suggested we might follow up by approaching the city to do something similar along the level sections of the Steps. He believes the steeply sloped sections would be prohibitively expensive. We’ll approach the people who live along the Steps to see if there is interest in doing this.

New business:

Ÿ We set Sunday, September 8, as the date for the annual neighborhood picnic/potluck at Lake Padden Park. Steve will reserve the date at the Parks & Recreation Dept.

Ÿ Election of new officers: Joe and Steve were re-elected to their respective offices of president and secretary. No candidate for Treasurer or Vice President was nominated, so these offices remain open. Tim is leaving the board, but Brian offered to work with him as a possible candidate for treasurer. Tom respectfully declined to run for re-election as V.P.  Kevin will be our alternate MNAC representative.

Meeting adjourned.

Steve Abell, Secretary


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