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SNA Minutes 2013-10

Samish Neighborhood Association Meeting

October 10, 2013, Community Baptist Church

Meeting called to order by President Carpenter.

Board members present: Joe Carpenter, Tom Roehl, Steve Abell, Garey Vodopich

Board members absent: Dick Conoboy, Don Hale, Brian Benjamin, Christopher Morrison, Kevin Probasco, Suneeta Eisenberg, Junga Subedar, Edward Alexander


Guests: Wendy Henerlau (Community Energy Challenge), Mirabelle Blech (WWU student), Hannah Johnson (WWU student)

Public Comments: Ms Henerlau gave us a presentation explaining the Community Energy Challenge (CEC), which gives local residents an opportunity to reduce energy use, save money on utilities, and protect our environment. Starting with an assessment of home energy use, the program identifies steps and home modifications that can reduce energy consumption. The fee for a regular energy assessment runs about $600, but through the auspices of the CEC the cost is $195. The homeowner has the option to accept or reject proposed changes. If the homeowner chooses to undertake one or more of the changes, the CEC helps find vetted third party contractors to do the work. The homeowner is responsible for paying costs, and at the conclusion of modifications the CEC performs a final inspection to confirm that the work was done correctly and the homeowner fully qualifies for, and receives, any rebates or cash bonuses available. More information is available on the CEC website.

The Western students explained that they are journalism majors and as part of a class assignment would be writing news articles about happenings in Samish Neighborhood. We offered to provide answers to any questions they might have, and gave them a quick summary of recent events. We also suggested that they access for background newsletters and meeting minutes which are posted on the website.

President’s Announcements: none.

Old business:

Meeting minutes could not be approved due to lack of a quorum.

The status of the Ambling Development proposal for University Ridge was reviewed briefly. We are waiting for the Hearing Examiner to publish her report and findings. In the meantime, continuing the written communications to the Examiner and the Planning Department might be useful even though the official comment period is closed. However, nothing substantive will happen until the ruling issues.

Treasurer’s report: After paying for the Fall Newsletter ($850), miscellaneous expenses, and depositing dues collected at the picnic, the balance in our account is $1,599.33 as of this date.

No MNAC update due to the absence of Dick Conoboy and Kevin Probasco.

Revised by-laws are posted on the website or click here. This fulfills the by-law requirement of providing this information to Samish residents prior to a board vote to accept or reject the changes.

New business:

The picnic was a success, although attendance was lower than last year. We had about 46 households signed in, with a total including children and guests of about 65.

Rumors of ownership issues for the property at 126 Ashley have surfaced, although the board members who might confirm these rumors were not present.

We will be changing the membership dues payment calendar starting in April 2014. All memberships will expire on April 1, and annual dues will be due at that time. Any household who paid full annual dues at the picnic will receive half credit toward the year starting April 1, 2014. Then we will be fully on the new schedule April 1, 2015.

Meeting adjourned.

Steve Abell



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