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SNA Minutes 2014-01

Samish Neighborhood Association Meeting
January 9, 2014, Community Baptist Church

Meeting called to order by President Carpenter.

Board members present: Joe Carpenter, Tom Roehl, Steve Abell, Garey Vodopich,  Don Hale, Christopher Morrison, Brian Benjamin, Suneeta Eisenberg, Kevin Probasco

Board members absent: Dick Conoboy, Junga Subedar, Edward Alexander

Public Comments: none

President’s Announcements: none

Old business:

Meeting minutes from November 2013 were approved.

Treasurer’s report: Savings account balance $5. Dues deposited $12. Commitments $10 room rent for January, WA State non-profit organization renewal fee $10. Funds available 12/31/2013 were $1618.33. Brain completed the annually required Washington State  re-registration of our non-profit organization. Brian is the official contact person for Samish Neighborhood should state authorities need to get in touch with us regarding official business.

MNAC Update: Dick Conoboy was absent, but in email Dick outlined his concern about how the city evaluates future traffic problems caused by new development with the Lincoln St/Fred Meyer/University Ridge developments, representing about 1300 potential new residents, as a specific example. When multiple traffic studies in one geographical area of the city are conducted and presented to the city separately as parts of individual development plans, there seems to be no process to look at the combined effect on new traffic. Instead, each study is examined as a standalone, and judgments made accordingly. This approach fails to create an accurate picture of what will happen to traffic should all the developments be approved and move forward. Dick intends to push for a revised traffic evaluation process at a future MNAC meeting to avoid the current piecemealed approach.

New business:

Our annual general business meeting is set for March 20 at the Elk’s Club. Election of board members will occur at this meeting, followed later by a board meeting at which election of officers, who must be board members to be nominated, will occur. The following board members’ terms expire at the March 20 meeting: Steve Abell, Don Hale, Suneeta Eisenberg, Christopher Morrison, and Edward Alexander. Abell, Hale, and Eisenberg will accept nomination for another term. Morrison will not run for re-election and Alexander is undecided. The other board members’ terms run for another year. Nominations can be made from the floor at the meeting.

We discussed how best to ask for payment of dues from members whose dues lapsed recently or are about to lapse. Possibilities include a letter, the Spring Newsletter, and phone. We will be publishing a Spring Newsletter with membership information as usual, and personal phone calls have worked well in the past. Therefore board members will plan on doing another telephone session on March 6 at 6:30 PM, to encourage residents to attend the general business meeting and pay dues. The session will be at Joe’s house, 4215 Adams Avenue. Abell will provide printouts of phone numbers.

We discussed advantages of creating a PayPal account or something similar to make it easier for our residents to pay dues. Brian will look into this. Don Hale suggested creating a Facebook page where access to the PayPal account could be found, as well as provide information of interest to members.

Some suggested topics for the Spring Newsletter were home safety, dealing with wild animals (four-legged type like coyotes) in the neighborhood, and updates on University Ridge and Lincoln Street developments. Drafts of these articles need to go to Greg McCracken in time for him to edit the Newsletter, which would put the deadline at about February 6.

Meeting adjourned.

Steve Abell

Posted 5 years ago at 8:45 PM.

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