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SNA minutes 2015-01

Samish Neighborhood Association Meeting

January 8, 2015, Community Baptist Church

Meeting called to order by Secretary Abell in president’s absence. Quorum present.

Board members present: Joe Carpenter, Steve Abell, Garey Vodopich, Dick Conoboy, Nikki Long, Suneeta Eisenberg, Kevin Probasco

Board members absent: Brian Benjamin, Junga Subedar, Don Hale

Guests: Carmen Rasmussen, WWU Campus Community Coalition Coordinator

Public Comments: Ms. Rasmussen gave us an overview of the Campus Community Coalition at Western. Her job as Coordinator is to act as a bridge between college students who live off-campus and the Bellingham neighborhoods in which they live. There are a lot of student rentals in Samish, so she’s interested in how people are getting along. She extends to any Samish resident an open invitation to contact her with questions or comments we might have regarding favorable or unfavorable experiences with students. Common complaints from neighborhood residents are party noise, parking, and trash. She’s working on improving relations, and would like to hear from us how things are going. Her phone number is (360) 650-6963 and her email address is

President’s Announcements: none

Old business:

Meeting minutes from November 2014 were approved.

Treasurer’s report: Two expenses were paid: renewal of our non-profit registration with the WA Secretary of State ($10) and rent for our church meeting room ($10). Deposits of dues totaled $43.50. Balance in our checking account is $1,767.75.

The board voted to accept Tom Roehl’s resignation from the board. This also vacates the position of Vice-President.

We will use Speedy Mailers to print and distribute our Spring Newsletter again this year. Greg McCracken has kindly consented to be our editor again, and we must get drafts of articles to him by mid-February to give him time to do the job and send the newsletter to Speedy Mailers. We discussed how we might change the way we publish newsletters in light of constantly increasing costs. Publishing two newletters per year accounts for over three-quarters of our annual budget.

Our Spring General Meeting is set for March 12 at the Elk’s Lodge. We will plan to do another phone bank about a week prior to contact Samish residents, both members and non-members, to invite them to the meeting and remind them of the new dues payment schedule. All dues for 2015-16 are now due on April 1st on an annual basis. We will welcome residents who want to join at any other time (for example at the fall picnic) but dues will remain at $15 per household or $12 for seniors throughout the year and will validate membership until the following April 1st. Police Chief Cliff Cook and Planning Director Rick Sepler have confirmed that they will be guest speakers at our March meeting.

There are three rezones moving through the city system for Ashley Street, Area 9, and 801 Samish Way. The letter from the board opposing the rezone of Area 9 was written by Nikki and Steve and approved by the board. It will be held pending announcement of the date for City Council review. Steve will write a letter opposing the 801 Samish rezone and circulate it to the board for comment. It will be held pending announcement of the date for Planning Commission review. We expect the Council will review both rezones on the same agenda later this year.

New business:

Joe suggested putting together a binder of documents regarding past and current efforts to oppose rezones, including Padden Trails and University Ridge. This material will be valuable to future boards in future rezone issues that are sure to arise given the amount of developable land in Samish. No volunteers stepped forward to commit to get this done, but the board agreed it is a good idea and will address it in future meetings.

Meeting adjourned.

Steve Abell


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