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SNA minutes 2015-02

Samish Neighborhood Association Meeting
February 12, 2015, Community Baptist Church

Meeting called to order by Secretary Abell in President Hale’s absence.

Board members present: Joe Carpenter, Steve Abell, Garey Vodopich, Dick Conoboy, Junga Subedar, Nikki Long (Quorum present)

Board members absent: Don Hale, Suneeta Eisenberg, Kevin Probasco

Guests: none

Public Comments: none

President’s Announcements: none

Old business:

Meeting minutes from January 8 were approved.

Treasurer’s report: Savings account unchanged at $5.00. No activity in checking account since January meeting. There are six checks outstanding going back almost a year, all payable to Community Baptist Church for $10 monthly rent of meeting room. Steve will check with the church to find out why these checks have not been cashed. In the meantime we will stop paying room rent until situation is resolved. If the checks were lost we will replace them. We want to retain good relations with our meeting host. Current available balance in the checking account is $1,737.75 including adjustment for outstanding checks.

The upcoming general business meeting is set for March 12 at the Elk’s Lodge. Steve will purchase basic refreshments (cookies, drinks), we can use the lodge’s coffee making equipment, and Steve and Nikki will man the reception/sign-in table. We hope all attendees will want to pay annual dues to renew their memberships now that we are on the new annual payment schedule. BPD Chief Cook and Planning Director Rick Sepler are confirmed as guest speakers. We were undecided about whether to do another phone bank to invite residents to attend. We’re not sure how much it really helps get better attendance. Announcements of the meeting will appear in our newsletter to be distributed two weeks before the meeting, and can be done via email and website notices. Election of board members occurs at this meeting. Current board members whose terms are expiring include Joe, Kevin, and Junga. All have indicated they will run for re-election. We need additional board members and hope to gain a few either at the meeting or soon thereafter.

Rezone activity with the city continues. A Planning Commission public hearing regarding rezone proposal for 801 Samish Way comes up on February 19. Samish Neighborhood has sent our comment letter in, signed by President Hale. Other members of Samish, especially those that live close to 801 Samish, will also send comment letters. We expect these will be posted on the website in the meeting materials section. A hearing regarding the Ashley Street rezone comes up on March 19. Residents living near this site have been alerted. A previous rezone proposal was rejected in 2004 for the same site. Unlike 2004, this new proposal has very few specifics. It is stated simply as a request to change zoning from Commercial Auto to Commercial Planned, which would allow multi-family residences and retail. Many of the comment letters submitted in 2004 are still appropriate today, including issues of parking, noise, and traffic.

New business:

Upcoming hearings and focus groups regarding amendment of ordinances governing ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units, like garages or other detached buildings converted to residences) are scheduled starting with March 5. Especially in neighborhoods close to WWU, there are many ADU’s that are rentals, some legal and some perhaps not. How to clean this situation up will be a topic covered in the hearings. What’s needed is better documentation of these ADU’s: where are they and what condition are they in. The new rental registration and inspection ordinance may take care of this situation for most ADU’s.

Two new variances have surfaced for new single family residential construction on a to-be-built segment of 36th Street near the intersection of Fielding and Samish Way. Hearing Examiner public hearings come up March 11 for these variance requests. Dick will try to get more details.

The general business meeting will occur on March 12. The next board meeting will be April 9.

Meeting adjourned.

Steve Abell


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