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SNA minutes 2015-06

Samish Neighborhood Association Meeting
June 11, 2015, Community Baptist Church

Meeting called to order by Vice-President Conoboy.

Board members present: Judy Brightman, Dick Conoboy, Tom Read, Garey Vodopich, Kevin Probasco, Nikki Long (quorum present)

Board members absent: Don Hale, Joy Hale, Steve Abell, Junga Subedar, Joe Carpenter

Guests: 5 neighbors, Ms. April Barker (Birchwood Neighborhood, candidate for City Council, Ward 1). Councilman Michael Lilliquist (Ward 6). Dave Blake (NW Clean Air)

Public Comments: Question was asked regarding status of the rezone for Ashley Street, Area 9, and 801 Samish Way. City Council voted in favor of all three rezone proposals. Vote was not unanimous. Church property (801 Samish Way) will become Area 10, rezoned from residential to commercial with offices-only restriction. Psychology practice will be able to acquire the church building and convert it into their medical offices. Non-retail restriction removed from Area 9. Auto qualification removed from Ashley property.

Dave Blake gave a presentation on indoor air quality which was clever, humorous, and informative. He offered to provide a CD that speaks to indoor air quality.

Old business:

Meeting minutes from May 14 meeting were approved.

Motion was made and seconded to add Vice President Richard Conoboy to the signature authority list for our credit union account. Brian Benjamin, having left the board, is no longer our Treasurer.

By unanimous vote of the board (quorum present) the following signature authority changes are made to North Coast Credit Union account #32118002:

Added to signature authority for the account is Richard Conoboy.

Removed from signature authority for the account is Brian Benjamin.

Steven Abell continues as a signature authority for the account.

No nominations for Secretary or Treasurer were made.

New business:

Motion was made and seconded to cancel the July board meeting. Motion passed unanimously. The next board meeting will be August 13.

Meeting adjourned.

Garey Vodopich, Temporary Acting Secretary


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SNA minutes 2015-05

Samish Neighborhood Association Meeting
May 14, 2015, Community Baptist Church

Meeting called to order by President Abell.

Board members present: Joe Carpenter, Steve Abell, Garey Vodopich, Dick Conoboy, Judy Brightman, Kevin Probasco (Quorum present)
Board members absent:, Don Hale, Joy Hale, Nikki Long, Junga Subedar

Guests: Judie Zersen, Tom Read, George Sanders, Carmen Rasmussen (Campus Community Coalition)

Public Comments: Carmen Rasmussen described her work at WWU to help student renters and Bellingham residents get along together better. She meets with students regularly in an outreach program, and asks all affected residents to give her a call if there is a problem (party noise, trash on lawns, etc.) with student renters. She will visit the rental properties in question and speak to the students about being courteous to neighbors and will try to resolve issues proactively without the need for city residents to summon the police.

Judie Zersen spoke about water runoff at 44th Street and Byron Avenue. We suggested she contact Mr. Ted Carlson at Public Works to register her concern, although there may not be much action taken by the city.

George Sanders urged everyone to report parking violations (a non-emergency call to 9-1-1, or 676-6911, to report vehicle license plate and location), particularly around rental properties (cars parked illegally or blocking sidewalks), because only the weight of multiple complaints will have any influence on city officials and bring enforcement. George emphasized that this is the only way to get action.

President’s Announcements: none

Old business:

Meeting minutes from April 9 were approved.

Treasurer’s report: $165 in dues deposited in the last month. $84 expense to reserve the Lake Padden Park playground pavilion for our neighborhood picnic on September 13. Checkbook balance on May 14 is $2,696.18. We currently have 125 paid members.

Nominations for Association secretary and treasurer were opened but no nominations were forthcoming. Steve pointed out that this leaves him and Dick (currently vice-president) to fulfill these responsibilities, and that this is not a healthy situation for the association.

Zoning updates: The 801 Samish Way (Church of Christ property) rezone to commercial, planned, offices only was approved by City Council. It will become new Area 10. The Area 9 (between the Community Baptist Church and the Elk’s Lodge) rezone to commercial, planned, removing the non-retail restriction was approved by Council. The Samish board opposed both these proposals, but only Councilman Terry Bornemann cast a no vote to both. The Ashley Street rezone to commercial, planned, removing the auto qualifier was approved by the Planning Commission and will go before the Council next month. We expect it to be approved. Unlike the similar 2004 rezone, in which Samish Neighborhood mustered strong opposition and helped defeat the rezone, this current rezone proposal received attention from only a few neighbors.

Our Samish Neighborhood picnic will be held on September 13, from noon to 3 PM. Joe confirmed that he will again bring his grill, and Kevin confirmed that he will again buy food and drink to be provided by the Association.

New business:

Tom Read, who resides at 1901 38th Street, was nominated for board membership and elected unanimously by current board members. We welcome him to board membership and look forward to his contributions to our association. With the addition of Tom we now have 11 board members.

Dick’s idea to expand the scope of our monthly meetings to regularly include guest speakers was discussed and met with approval of all board members present. We expect this change to increase both interest and attendance at meetings. As a follow-up, Dick will try to invite Dave Blake to give us a presentation regarding indoor air quality that Dick recently heard at a York Neighborhood meeting. Dick will try to arrange this for our June 11 meeting. Other possibilities for expansion of our meetings were discussed, including joint meetings with other neighborhoods, speakers from other neighborhoods, or local residents like Mr. Blake who give informative and entertaining talks.

The next board meeting is Thursday, June 11.

Meeting adjourned.

Steve Abell, Acting Secretary/Treasurer

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