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SNA minutes 2015-10


Samish Neighborhood Association Meeting
October 8, 2015, Community Baptist Church

Meeting called to order by President Abell. Quorum not present.
Board members present: Steve Abell, Garey Vodopich, Dick Conoboy, Tom Read,
Board members absent: Joe Carpenter, Don Hale, Joy Hale, Junga Subedar, Nikki Long, Judy Brightman, Kevin Probasco

Guests: Officer Eric Osterkamp (Neighborhood Police Officer), Carmen Rasmussen (WWU Campus Coalition)

Public Comments: Officer Osterkamp told us that he checked BPD crime statistics before coming to our meeting and noted that the number of incidents reported in Samish has been declining. Car prowls are still a problem for residents who park in the open. He believes that car prowls are often not reported, but that all residents should report them whenever they occur so police can identify trouble spots in the city.

Carmen Rasmussen spoke about the Coalition’s solution-based efforts to change the culture of WWU student renters in order to improve relations between regular residents and student renters. Like any culture change it will be a slow process but she hopes to show steady progress.

President’s Announcements: none

Old business:

Unable to approve minutes due to lack of quorum.

Treasurer’s report: $757.34 paid to Speedy Automated Mailers for fall newsletter printing and postage. We collected $234 in dues at the picnic with 14 membership renewals and 4 new members. Total dues deposits were $438. Checkbook balance $2,238.44, and we have 150 current members.

Picnic report: we had 55 people signed in for our picnic. The weather was good, and people seemed to have a good time. We had quite a bit of food left over. Two dozen leftover hot dogs were donated to Habitat for Humanity to feed volunteers. Councilman Lilliquist spent time with us talking to residents and discussing issues, especially the issue of the three unrelated person rule for single family homes and the city’s willingness to look the other way when this ordinance is violated by landlords renting to college students. Candidates Bobby Briscoe and April Barker also attended.

We briefly reviewed the phone bank done before the picnic to invite people to attend the picnic, but none of the board members other than Steve had participated in the phone bank so this was a short conversation.

We reviewed the recent rezone activity for Samish Area 9 (between the Elk’s Lodge and Baptist Church), Area 10 (the Church of Christ property), and Ashley Street property. Not much seems to be going on.

New business:

We discussed the issue of partial dues payment for residents renewing or joining at the picnic. Tom suggested taking a marketing approach by using half-annual dues as a way to attract new and renewing members. Steve said that the bylaws permit changes in annual dues to be made by a majority vote of the board. This would probably also allow us to adjust dues at the picnic. The question is whether the offer of half-annual dues at the picnic would induce more people to join the Association. It might be worth testing this theory, and this approach will be discussed further.

We discussed the date for our March general business membership meeting. The Elk’s Lodge schedule is more crowded this year because the Moose are meeting there also. Steve reported a conversation he had with the Elk’s Lodge office staff in which they told him that only Tuesday nights would be available for our meeting. Tuesday night is bingo night at the lodge, but the downstairs game room would be available and is large enough to accommodate 50-60 people. It’s walled off from the bar area and has its own entry doors. Parking may be a problem depending on how big the bingo game is that night, but with three areas in which to park it should be manageable. This will work for our meetings and there’s really nowhere else in Samish that we could switch to, so the date of March 15, 2016 was set. Steve will confirm this date with the lodge. [Note: it is confirmed.]

Dick expressed his concern and frustration that so many board members were missing from this meeting. Of 11 board members, seven were absent. Some were out of town, and some had other meetings to attend. Only four of the absent board members communicated that they would not be able to attend. The dates for our board meetings are known well in advance. Attending meetings is part of the responsibility of people who accept nomination and election to the board. We want all current board members to recognize that obligation and either attend or offer a reasonable excuse in advance of the meeting. It is unfair to the members attending the meeting if a quorum is expected but then not enough people show up. Neighborhood business cannot be transacted without a quorum. If we knew in advance that a quorum would not be present we could cancel the meeting and not waste the time of the people who do show up.

Meeting adjourned.

Steve Abell
Acting Secretary


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SNA minutes 2015-09 picnic


Annual Samish Neighborhood Picnic
Lake Padden Park, Playground Pavilion
Sunday, September 13, noon-3PM

We had good weather for the picnic, and lots of good food was available for all. We seemed to have more desserts than usual which was a welcome change. We had 55 people signed in, a good turnout in spite of the Seahawk’s game going into OT and stretching beyond 1 PM. City Councilman Michael Lilliquist attended, as did candidates April Barker and Bobby Briscoe. Two others, Satpal Sidhu and Kathy Kershner, told us they were planning to attend but did not.

We collected membership renewal dues from fourteen households, and from four new members.

Thanks to everyone who came early to set up and stayed late to clean up. We had two dozen hotdogs left over which were donated to Habitat for Humanity to feed volunteers. A special thanks to Kin Davidson for doing the grilling and to Ginny Davidson for helping keep the picnic going smoothly. Also thanks to Joe Carpenter for loaning us his grill, and to Don and Joy Hale who brought picnic supplies (condiments, cups, paper plates, napkins, etc.). Thanks to Judy Brightman and Nikki Long for handling dues collection. Thanks to Kevin Probasco for doing the heavy duty shopping (burgers, dogs, soda, ice).

This was a good overall effort on everyone’s part, and it seemed clear that everyone had a good time. At least no one left hungry.

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