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SNA Minutes 2016-02

Samish Neighborhood Association Meeting
February 11, 2016, Community Baptist Church

Meeting called to order by President Abell.

Board members present: Steve Abell, Garey Vodopich, Dick Conoboy, Tom Read, Junga Subedar, Nikki Long (quorum present)

Board members absent: Joe Carpenter (unexcused), Don Hale (excused), Joy Hale (excused), Judy Brightman (excused), Kevin Probasco (excused)

Visitors: none

Public Comments: none

BPD police report (NPO Eric Osterkamp): Osterkamp unable to attend.

President’s Announcements: none

MNAC report (Dick Conoboy)

Planning Director Sepler will be coordinating with WWU. Rental inspections set to start soon. Kevin will be our new MNAC representative and Dick will be the alternate. New term starts May 1.

Old business:

Meeting minutes from January 14 were approved.

Treasurer’s report: No activity in the last month. The outstanding checks (6 @ $10) to Community Baptist Church are over a year old and have been cancelled and re-credited to our NCCU account. Checking balance is now $2,158.73. An announcement in upcoming newsletter will invite all members to pay annual dues either by mail or in person at the March meeting. Seven members have paid dues through April 1, 2017 and they will be notified not to pay at this time.

Spring newsletter will be printed and mailed by Speedy Automated Mailers as usual. Articles include summary of the last 3 years of board activity, president’s comments, Campus Community Coalition, and LED streetlights. Greg McCracken will be our editor again. Expected mailing date is March 3 or 4.

Guest speakers for March business meeting are Police Chief Cliff Cook, NPO Eric Osterkamp, B’ham emergency Manager Paul Gazdik. Some help will be needed to set up the Elk’s Lodge Game Room for our meeting: table for sign-in and dues collection. Nikki and Tom will man this table for dues payment, cash or check only (no credit cards). Round tables in the Game Room will need to be moved closer together and then restored to original locations at conclusion of the meeting. We will offer water and cookies as refreshments, to be purchased by Steve.

New business:

Dick brought up the idea of dividing Samish Neighborhood into two separate neighborhoods. We have a large and diverse neighborhood, both geographically and population-wise. Two smaller neighborhoods might be easier to manage. There’s a question about whether smaller neighborhoods would have enough interest and active members to support activities. No conclusions were reached and we’re not sure how the city would view such a proposal. We felt the idea was worth more discussion.

The board will elect association officers at the April meeting. Current officers Abell and Conoboy would accept renomination for president and vice-president, respectively. Tom Read has offered to accept nomination for Treasurer. We will need to nominate and elect someone to be secretary.

We discussed doing another evening phone bank to call and encourage members and non-members to attend the March meeting but decided not to do this for the March meeting. We’ll reconsider it for the September picnic. In the past not all board members have been willing to participate in this activity. Unless we have at least half a dozen callers it becomes too difficult to do this.

Meeting adjourned.

Steve Abell, Acting Secretary


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SNA minutes 2016-01

Samish Neighborhood Association Meeting
January 14, 2016, Community Baptist Church

Meeting called to order by President Abell.

Board members present: Joe Carpenter, Steve Abell, Garey Vodopich, Dick Conoboy, Joy Hale, Tom Read, Nikki Long, Judy Brightman, Kevin Probasco

Board members absent: Don Hale (excused), Junga Subedar (excused)

Visitors: Carmen Rasmussen, Coordinator for the Campus Community Coalition

Public Comments: Carmen gave us a summary of Coalition projects, including the Off-Campus Living project, which has a Project Vision Statement: We envision neighborhoods throughout Whatcom County with strong and open senses of identity, where all neighbors are able to actively contribute to and benefit from a climate of inclusion and respect. The current goal is to encourage safe, positive off-campus living experiences for students, and promoting a collaborative, connected relationship between students and their non-student neighbors. Permanent neighborhood residents and student renters move in very different orbits, but Carmen believes the Coalition is making progress. Other projects include the Tenant Waste Task Force (to head off orphaned furniture out on the street) and Tenant Safety.

BPD police report: (NPO Eric Osterkamp was unable to attend tonight)

President’s Announcements:

In place of the BPD report, Steve gave a summary of a law enforcement incident that occurred January 4-5 in Samish neighborhood. The incident, which started outside the city, ended on 37th Street north of Mill Avenue, and brought out the Whatcom County Sheriff’s SWAT Team as well as officers from the Bellingham Police Dept. An arrest was made without violence but not without an intense situation on the 1100 block that played out for about four hours.

Old business:

Meeting minutes from November 12, 2015 were approved. (The December meeting was cancelled.)

Treasurer’s report: Paid $153.71 reimbursement to Kevin Probasco for September picnic purchases of food, drink, and ice. Paid $10.00 annual non-profit registration fee to the WA Secretary of State. Collected $24.00 in dues. Checkbook balance stands at $2,098.73. We currently have 151 paid members.

The board reviewed the data collected from five other neigborhoods on management practices of their boards of directors. One common theme running through all the practices is the need for good communication between boards and their respective neighborhood residents. No surprise there. The website is being actively used by several neighborhoods, including Samish. We observed that using this site is likely to have value for many of our own residents. Some are already members, but to expand communication we decided to send a broadcast email containing directions for how to join (membership is free) to all Samish addresses on our email list. We’ll leave the decision to join or pass up to individual residents.

New business:

We discussed plans for the upcoming general business meeting on March 15, and publication of the Spring newsletter. Steve will write the President’s Comments. Tom felt we need to do a more thorough job informing Samish residents what the board does for the neighborhood with the goal of getting more people interested in joining our Association. Dick volunteered to write an article comprising descriptions of issues and projects we’ve been involved in for the past several years. We still need a couple more short articles to fill out the 4-page newsletter. Final drafts will need to be ready by about February 22.

We discussed what speakers we might invite to the March meeting. We hope to get BPD Police Chief Cliff Cook along with NPO Eric Osterkamp, plus Paul Gazdik, the city Emergency Manager. Carmen will forward Paul’s contact information and Steve will issue the invitations.

Board members whose two-year terms will expire on April 1 are Don, Steve, Dick, Garey, and Nikki. All five are open to accepting re-nomination for another term. Other board members’ terms run for another year. That will give us the current 11-member board with room for four additional members. We hope to get at least a few new nominations at the March meeting, and current board members should try to recruit Samish neighbors if possible. Board members must be members in good standing.

Dick Conoboy is not eligible to accept another term as our MNAC respresentative having max’ed out on terms served. Kevin, our current MNAC Alternate, expressed interest in becoming the representative. Nikki expressed interest in becoming the alternate. Election of officers occurs at the April meeting. Election of secretary, treasurer, and vice president will occur before election of president. Steve and Dick expressed interest in extending their terms as president and vice president, respectively. We will need board members to accept nomination for the other two offices. Our by-laws allow for one person to be secretary/treasurer.

Meeting adjourned.

Steve Abell
Acting Secretary


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