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SNA minutes 2016-10

SNA Meeting Minutes October 14, 2016

Meeting called to order by Steve Abell. BOD members present: Steve Abell, Garey Vodopich, Judy Brightman, Junga Subedar, Kevin Probasco, Nikki Long, and Joe Carpenter. Others attending were Councilman Michael Lilliquist, BPD Officer Eric Osterkamp, Erica Wonk (EMS Levy) and residents Ryan Provedrer, Dan Angble, Kay Anolle, Jim Long, Steve Swan, Barbara and Craig Bessire, and Julia Burns.

Councilman Lilliquist talked about Comprehensive Plan changes. Noted accessory dwelling units current regulation, and future changes.

Erica talked about the forthcoming EMS Levy vote (Proposition 1). They are planning on adding a 4th paramedic.

Officer Ostercamp talked about the new ‘Body Camera’ police officers are wearing.

Treasurer’s Report: We have 139 paid members. The cost for the picnic was $228.70. Recent newsletter cost was $856. We have a checking balance of $2003.00

MNAC Update: Agenda for meeting comes out over a week before meeting, thus allowing preparation for meeting. Planning Director is expected to give a Comprehensive Plan presentation at the November MNAC.

SNA BOD discussed draft letter proposal to Bellingham City Council regarding Comprehensive Plan changes. Various issues were discussed without being agreed upon. Another letter will be drafted by Junga for the BOD to review.

SNA BOD Adjourned.





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