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SNA minutes 2017-01

SNA BOD January 12, 2017

BOD called to order. Members present were Tom Read, Steve Abell, Judy Brightman, Kevin Probasco, Joy Hale, Don Hale, and Joe Carpenter. Other present were BPD Officer Eric Osterkamp and residents Questen Inghram, Atalie Chan, and Nathan Matsushima.

Public Comments: Officer Osterkamp asked for board feedback on what types of issues we would like more information on from him.

Old Business: Treasurer’s report noted a balance of $2425.39. $42 in dues were deposited since our last meeting. Refund of $43 for ½ of Yorky’s PO Box. New PO Box fees of $86 and Non-Profit Filing Fee of $10.

November SNA meeting minutes approved.

Samish Logging Update: Steve, Tom, Nikki, and Dick met with Mr. Janicki of Janicki Logging. He seemed to understand our concerns about safety. He expects logging to start in July 2017. He expects 5-6 Trucks per day 5 Days a week for approximately 6 weeks. Not to exceed 250 trips total.

Planning Commission Members Update: A new change for the (7) member commission will prevent (3) or more members being from the same industry.

ADU changes were made in the Comprehensive Plan but do not as of yet have the force of law due to them not being in COB ordinance yet.

New Business:

March Annual Meeting is March 16 from 7-9PM. Judy has been discussing a possible presentation by some local disaster preparedness experts. She will reach back out to them and set it up for the meeting.

Possible table presentations in the lobby of the Elks Lodge would be Jannicki Logging and Bellingham Police.

A motion was made and approved for a ‘Cheesecake Bar’ at our meeting. A budget of approximately $200 was approved. Judy will organize it.

Spring Newsletter deadline to get info to Greg McCracken is February 22.

Topics include, Disaster Preparedness Presentation Notification (Judy), Cheesecake Bar (Judy), Samish Hill Logging (Tom), Samish Crime Stats (Officer Osterkamp), Treasurers Report (Tom), and Presidents Letter (Steve).

Meeting Adjourned


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SNA minutes 2016-11

SNA BOD November 10, 2016


BOD called to order. Members present were Gary Vodopich, Tom Read, Steve Abell, Judy Brightman, Nikki Long, Dick Conoboy, and Joe Carpenter. Other present were BPD Officer Eric Osterkamp and residents Steve and Rita Spitzer.

Public Comments: Officer Osterkamp gave the board a report about issues in neighborhood. One topic was Homeless Camps, specifically the camp visited by Steve Abell off Bill McDonald PKWY.

Presentation: Lexi Brewer of Futurewise gave a presentation to the board on “Greenlink”. A NOAA project on environmental issues in Whatcom County.

Old Business: Treasure’s report noted a balance of $2,436.39. $115 in dues were deposited since our last meeting. October SNA meeting minutes approved.

New Business:

MNAC report by Dick noted potential changes to the Planning Commission Members. A draft ordinance was submitted by Councilman Terry Borneman bases on an ordinance out of the state of Oregon. Next meeting for MNAC is next Wednesday in the basement of the Public Library. The meeting will focus on “Smart Growth”. A ‘Third’ reading of Comprehensive Plan changes will occur next Monday. One of the contentious issues continues to be what type of ‘affordable housing’ language ought to be in plan.

Samish Hill logging will be done next year by Janicki Logging. Some members of SNA will be meeting with Janicki soon and have more information.

Our next annual meeting will be Thursday March 16th at the Elk’s Lodge from 7-9.

New Business:

Lucky Dog East & West needs a variance granted to eliminate requirement to develop a street that would hit the Spitzer house & property. Spitzer family needs the variance granted to make sure they don’t have to give up a piece of their carport.

Garey Vodopich resigned his position as a board member. Garey contributed to the Samish Neighborhood in many ways over many years. We thank him for his service and wish him well.

Meeting adjourned. Our next board meeting is January 12, 2017.

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