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SNA minutes 2017-04

SNA BOD Meeting April 13, 2017

Call to order, BOD members present: Steve Abell, Tom Read, Nikki Long, Joe Carpenter, Dick Conoboy, Tom Dohman, Don Hale, Joy Hale, and Kevin Probasco.

Public Comment Period: Mary Boynton, WWU Journalism student, attended the meeting and will be writing about our neighborhood for her Journalism class this quarter.

BPD Police Report: NPO Eric Osterkamp gave the board a presentation on the history and use of COB Police Department ‘Bearcat’ vehicle.

MNAC Report: Most recent MNAC meeting was cancelled. Connecting Communities Day of Service connects volunteers from WWU via a neighborhood grant program.

Old Business

BOD talked about annual meeting, what went well, what we could do better. Discussed Janicki logging on Samish and traffic concerns on the corner of 40th and Elwood Ave.

Treasurers Report: $2,345.86 is current balance, $824 dues collected so far in 2017. Last newsletter cost $661.00

SNA BOD Officers re-elected unanimously for 1-year terms: Steve Abell President, Dick Conoboy Vice President, Tom Reed Treasurer, and Joe Carpenter Secretary.

New Business

Annual September Picnic at Lake Padden Park will be either on September 10th or September 17th.

Ridgemont Annual Garage Sale is September 9th.

Discussed Newsletter and mailing cost. Multiple BOD noted they would not be on the board now if not for a printed and mailed newsletter.

May BOD Meeting Cancelled due to multiple BOD being out of town.

Meeting adjourned.





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SNA minutes 2017-03 Annual meeting

SNA Annual Meeting
Elk’s Lodge, March 16, 2017

Cheesecake with several topping choices was available as  refreshments for the meeting. Thanks to Judy Brightman for organizing and presenting this treat.

Steve Abell started the meeting by thanking Greg McCracken for his continuing service as our newsletter editor, the Elk’s Lodge for hosting our meetings for free, and Janicki Logging for having an information table on their summer project in Samish.

Tom Reed gave a Treasurers report of our balance of $1,700.

SNA BOD Election:

Steve noted we elect board members at the Spring general meeting and officers at the April board meeting.

There were no nominations from the floor. Kevin Probasco, Tom Reed, Joe Carpenter, Nicki Long, and Tom Dohman, who were nominated previously at the February meeting, were elected unanimously. We now have nine board members.

Officer Eric Osterkamp of BPD, our Neighborhood Police Officer, gave a presentation. He talked about crime statistics in our neighborhood and the city as a whole. Questions were asked of him regarding officer involved shootings, body cameras, and department hiring and training of police officers.

Scott Hendrickson, Volunteer coordinator of “Bellingham Neighbors Together” (BNT) discussed the program, its training and goals within the city.

Chalice Johnston from Whatcom County Sheriffs Emergency Management Department gave a presentation. She discussed ‘map you neighborhood’ and the steps after a disaster.

Greg Hope gave a presentation on Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Gayle Shipley, volunteer at the Mobilization Center, discussed the group and its volunteers and training.

Meeting adjourned


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