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SNA minutes 2018-10

Samish Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

7 PM, Thursday, October 11, 2018  –  Community Baptist Church

The board meeting was called to order @ ~7:00 pm

SNA Board Members Present:  Steve A, Tom R, Nikki L, Jon N, Dick C, Kevin P, Joy H and Tom D.

  • Samish neighbors (Lois Schneeberg, Gayle Larson) in attendance / signed in

Planned Presentation by Mr. Warren Sheay

“Rising Tide and Smoky Haze: The Lowdown on Climate Change”

Warren’s presentation regarding the impacts & implications of global climate change were informed by his own interests and readings as well as his recent training at the Al Gore Climate Reality program.  Warren’s presentation focused on 3 major questions about Global Warning:  1) Must we change? 2) Can we change? 3) Will we change?  Warren’s presentation was complemented by photos of current Whatcom County landmarks and what they may look like 50 years from now if the world fails to take decisive actions.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Tom Read presented his report on current finances (recent expenses, dues paid since August 2018 SNA meeting):

Checking Balance on 8/9/18                               $3371.64


Minuteman Press (Aug newsletter)                         -$597.37

Coolers for future picnics & salmon (Steve A)         -$269.88

Picnic supplies (Kevin P)                                      -$78.00

Picnic supplies – drinks (Tom D)                           -$41.11


Dues                                                                 +$381.00

Checking Balance on 10/11/18                           $2766.28

Current paid members (2018-19)                          133 members

2017-18 members not renewed                             38 past members

Old Business

Approved minutes from August 9 BOD meeting

  • Meeting minutes were approved unanimously

Brief report on incidents of car prowls & car break-ins – Joy H

Update on city activity on homeless shelter ordinance – Joy H & Tom D

City of Bellingham had a discussion on the evening of 9/24 on a “Draft Ordinance Establishing Regulations for Temporary Homeless Shelters”

  • Regulations are expected to include aspects governing 1) tent encampments, 2) existing buildings, 3) safe vehicle parking encampments, 4) tiny homes encampments.
  • More discussion to come before an ordinance containing regulations is finalized & approved

Update on potential San Juan Blvd revision of Comp Plan – Steve A

  • this issue has been docketed (June 2018) and city is awaiting plan input from developers
  • neighborhood interest was solicited with a list of people generated who want to be actively involved on this neighborhood issue

Samish Neighborhood Picnic Review – How Did We Do?

  • attendance was likely negatively impacted by the unpredictable weather
  • low attendance led to an overage of food & beverages purchased
  • some discussion ensued about how to possibly increase attendance: discussed the possibility of moving the event date to the Sunday in August before Labor Day weekend
  • suggestion was made to reduce the overall complexity of planning & costs involved with a “full meal” and consider making the event an ice cream social

New Business

Potential change in SNA dues collection schedule

  • Tom R has proposed that the SNA board consider adopting a different schedule that would correspond with the calendar year to more clearly define timing for dues payment.
  • No decision was reached; further discussion leading to a vote could be raised at the November SNA board meeting

Jon N has suggested that the SNA board might want to consider updating the Samish Neighborhood website ( to make it more aesthetic, user-friendly and perhaps more functional as (e.g. able to process membership applications & payments).  Jon N & Tom D will work on a presentation of alternate web-hosting options to review at an upcoming SNA board meeting

A date needs to be selected & confirmed for the March 2019 General Business meeting (annual meeting).  Potential date could be Thursday, March 14; Steve A will check with management at the Elks / Moose Lodge to attempt to lock up a workable date around this timeframe for our March meeting.  He will inform the SNA BOD members regarding any tentative date for the March meeting before committing us to a meeting date.

The board meeting was adjourned @ ~8:20 pm

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