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SNA minutes 2018-11

Samish Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

7 PM, Thursday, November 8, 2018 – Community Baptist Church



The board meeting was called to order @ ~7:05 pm


SNA Board Members Present:  Steve A, Tom R, Nikki L, Jon N, Dick C, Joy H, Joe C, Tom D.

  • WWU Journalism student, Giovanni Roverso (present)


Public Comment

  • no public representatives present to solicit comments


BPD Report (Eric Osterkamp – not present)

  • ID & Reporting on Suspected Criminal Houses in Samish neighborhood
  • Eric sent SNA an email regarding the value of submitting reports / comments of suspected criminal activity in Samish neighborhood
  • Eric provided written comments about the facets of related criminal activities and a list of items / specific behaviors that could indicate a criminal operation; multiple items & behaviors need to be observed before resorting to making a police report


Treasurer’s Report

  • Tom Read presented his report on current finances (recent expenses, dues paid since October 11, 2018 SNA meeting):

Checking Balance on 10/11/18                             $2766.28


Expenses & Deposits



Checking Balance on 11/8/18                              $2766.28


Current paid members (2018-19)                           133 members

2017-18 members not renewed                              42 past members


Old Business

Approved minutes from October 11 BOD meeting

  • Meeting minutes were approved unanimously


Wednesday, March 20, 2019; 7:00-9:00 pm; Elks/Moose Lodge – confirmed date for the SNA Spring General Meeting


Update on San Juan Blvd revision & Comp Plan – related to Samish Hill development  (Steve Abell)

  • City is awaiting further detailed input from Ron Jepson & Associates (consultant) regarding the proposed development on Samish Hill and suggested road access
  • 120-day period for input to City Planners expires on or about February 1, 2019


Proposal for new SNA website (Neville / Dohman)

  • proposal made to renovate / replace the current SNA website
  • multiple goals of achieving a more contemporary & appealing design for users, increased functionalities, use of assembly templates and intuitive design features for ease of making changes without professional assistance (future additional capabilities possible)
  • decision to move forward & allow project designers (Neville / Dohman) to make a selection between Squarespace and Wix website designs (large & popular web platforms)
  • general guidance: deliver a new website that utilizes our current domain name, is easy-to-use & manipulate changes, has an appealing design and includes a single dedicate email for conducting association business
  • cost guidance: not to exceed $250 per year maintenance costs (ad-free design)
  • initial website design parameters to be presented at the next scheduled SNA board meeting (January 10, 2019)


Expanded Communication Plan for Dues Collection

  • discussion on whether to add e-commerce feature to the new website design that would allow dues payments to be made from the site; decided to wait and add later if desired
  • in the interim, Steve A & Tom R to collaborate on executing more direct communication to members (via e-mail or phone) regarding the status of their membership
  • in particular, the SNA board wants to notify those members who may have overpaid so they don’t send in yet another check


New Business

Discussion of WTA Proposal to Curtail Bus Service to Samish Neighborhood

  • discussion clarifying the details of the WTA proposal and timeline regarding Route 533
  • proposed elimination of bus service on Samish Way between Governor Rd and Lincoln Park & Ride
  • proposed changes are slated to take effect in June 2019
  • decision was made to compose a letter (Read / Abell) to the WTA, Bellingham City Council and Whatcom County Council
  • draft letter will be emailed to all board members for review & solicitation of comments before sending out as feedback from the Samish Neighborhood Association


Next Board Meeting:  It was agreed that the SNA board would not plan to meet on December 13 (unless the need arises & a communication email is sent); otherwise our next board meeting will occur as scheduled on January 10, 2019


The board meeting was adjourned @ ~8:35 pm

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