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SNA Minutes 2010.04

Samish Neighborhood Association (SNA)

Board of Directors Meeting

April 13th, 2010

Call to order: President Greg McCracken called the meeting to order: BOD present is Greg McCracken, Shirley Forslof, Joe Carpenter, Dick Conoboy, April Markiewicz, Tim Wynn, Eric Weight, Trinn Murray, David Gilbertson, Emily Pacheco, and Christopher Morrison. Absent were Steve Abel, Tom Roehl, and Gary Vodopich. Absent members informed Greg of the absence and are thus excused. Neighborhood residents attending were Alexis Miller.

Public Comments: No public comments were made.

Election of Officers: Greg was nominated for another term as President and approved unanimously. Tom was nominated for another term as Vice President and approved unanimously. Joe was nominated for another term as Secretary and approved unanimously. Tim was nominated for his first term as Treasurer and approved unanimously.

Old Business

President’s Announcement: Greg did a head count of 75 attendees at our March 2010 General meeting. Our guest speakers were great, especially Andy Day from the Fire Department regarding Disaster Preparedness.  Greg informed us that he has already reserved the ‘Shelter’ at Lake Padden for our General Meeting this summer. The date and time are Saturday September 12th from 12-3PM. This is the first weekend after Labor Day.

Approval of February/March Minutes: The minutes for February were approved following the correction requested by April regarding the current status of SNA’s tax request via WA Secretary of State. No March minutes were taken or approved due to it being our General Meeting.

Treasurer’s report: April reported we have a total balance of $1,872. 83. We received $500 reimbursement from the City of Bellingham (COB) for our ‘Neighborhood Services Grant’ and $373.00 in membership dues. April noted in 2009 we were given $1000.00 by COB and for 2010 only $500. We do not yet know what, if anything we will receive come 2011. This being the case we may need to consider an increase in membership dues to $15 per year. The BOD discussed options for doing a membership drive like calling, letters, or events like ‘Easter Egg Hunts’, ect.

MNAC Report: Greg has nothing to report due to the MNAC meeting being held on the same day and time as our March General Meeting thus preventing him from attending.

SNA Tax Status: April reported that in order for us to change our status from a 501c(4) to a 501c(3) we need to change our ‘Articles of Incorporation’. The main detail that needs to be addressed in our new articles is that a “substantial” part of our activity cannot have the goal of influencing legislation. April will work with a sub-committee consisting of Eric, Tim, and herself to draft our new articles and report back to the BOD.

Good Neighbor/Business Award: Trinn reported the concept of the “Samish Select’s” concept. This would be an award to a neighbor in recognition for the unique actions they perform to make our neighborhood a better place. Thus, a person who ‘exemplifies’ a ‘good neighbor’. We could then find a business to sponsor this award with a gift certificate and or plaque. Trinn will come up with a form for us to use to nominate those individuals.

New Business:

SNA meeting signs will be redistributed to Christopher and Trinn for placement in the neighborhood. We also discussed creating a database for different neighborhood covenants in our neighborhood. Shirley noted that many of these, if recently filed, are online at the Auditors website. She also noted to be careful to try and find them first and thus avoid the cost of having them printed at the Auditor’s office itself.

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