Samish Neighborhood Association

Neighbors in Bellingham, Washington, working together

SNA Minutes 2010.05

Samish Neighborhood Association

May 11, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Public Comment: None

President’s Announcements: None

April Meeting Minutes: no amendments, approved

Treasure’s report: approved, attached, balance $1,964.83

MNAC report: See MNAC minutes submitted to President. (1) City website has useful links re green infrastructure; (2) city is moving forward with plan amendments/votes; (3) the planning dept (Greg Aucult) is working on the comprehensive plan review; (4) there is progress and development on the waterfront master plan (see website); (5) Post Point Treatment Plant update (details on city website); discussion of “Smart Growth” (city contact person: Jackie Lynch).

Good Neighbor/Business: Award Update – good progress, see written material supplied by Trinn

New Business: Significant discussion re budget/membership dues. Motion passed to increase annual dues to $15/household, $12 for seniors, effective immediately.

URL: is available, and are not available

Development updated postponed

Review of BPD Citizen Academy by Gary V. Excellent 12 week program, highly recommended for participation

FTGOTN: WWU low rider show, Water Meter Status

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