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SNA Minutes 2010.06

Samish Neighborhood Association (SNA)

Board of Directors Meeting

June 8th, 2010

Call to order: President Greg McCracken called the meeting to order: BOD present is Greg McCracken, Shirley Forslof, Joe Carpenter, Dick Conoboy, April Markiewicz, Tim Wynn, Tom Roehl, Steve Abel, and Christopher Morrison.  Absent directors were Eric Weight, Trinn Murray, David Gilbertson, Emily Pacheco and Gary Vodopich. Neighborhood residents attending were Pauline Palmer and Barry Alsos.

Public Comments: Dues were increased to $15. This is the first increase in 5 years.

Presidents Comments: Greg talked to Terry Falstrom at City about waterline question regarding metering of water lines to homes. State mandate required by year 2017.

Approval of May 2010 Minutes: Approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: This was the last report from April before Tim takes over. We have a current balance of $1,954.83. April will be removed from the signature card at the bank, Tim was already on card, and Greg will be added. Pauline Palmer will also be removed.

MNAC: Greg told the BOD about the COB’s ‘City IQ’. This is an Information Query to look at Land, Sewer, Water, and Electrical info for land development. Check COB website for more info.

Paid parking downtown is now on Central Meter’s. The cost is now more, but you can pay for longer periods of time.

SNA Tax Status: Nothing new to report.

Good Neighbor/Business Award: Nothing new to report.

New Business: Newsletter articles are due end of July, approved by mid August, sent to printer by end of August in time for Annual Meeting on September 12. We talked about newsletter cost, of $1,300 per year. City used to give us $1,000; now we get $500. We discussed goal of going paperless by 2014? We could send post cards announcing new format.

Neighborhood Trash collection sponsored by WWU and COB is at the Park and Ride at Lincoln Creek , Laurel Park, Sehome Hill next to Armory, and Happy Valley (26th and Douglas).

Meeting Adjourned

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