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SNA Minutes 2010.07

Samish Neighborhood Association (SNA)

Board of Directors Meeting

July 13th, 2010

Call to order: President Greg McCracken called the meeting to order: BOD present is Greg McCracken, David Gilbertson, Trinn Murray, Gary Vodopich, Joe Carpenter, Dick Conoboy, April Markiewicz, Tim Wynn, Tom Roehl, and Steve Abel.  Absent directors were Christopher Morrison, Shirley Forslof, Eric Weight and Emily Pacheco. Neighborhood residents attending were Pauline Palmer.

Public Comments: Garey noted his street is getting sewer service.

Old Business

Presidents Comments: Greg had nothing new to report.

Approval of June 2010 Minutes: Approved unanimously following change of $500 versus $1000 contribution via COB.

Treasurer’s Report: Tim reported we have we have a current balance of $1,827.43

MNAC: Greg did not attend the meeting this month nor did Eric.

SNA Tax Status: Membership vote planned for September General Meeting.

Good Neighbor/Business Award: Trinn reported that she has reached out to Key Bank and

other businesses for sponsorship. BOD agreed to have Trinn write and article for the next newsletter calling for nominations. The recipient of the award will be selected and presented at the March General Meeting.

New Business

Sign Modification: Garey discussed modifying our neighborhood signs to add the website. BOD agreed to consider sign that hangs from bottom that compliments the existing aesthetic of the existing sign.

Picnic Preparations: Reservations are already made. Pauline will contact Kin and Ginny Davidson regarding the cooking. Tim will reserve the grill and 6 tables and 20 chairs. Greg will get the info on the website and invite elected officials. Greg will also get a map of neighborhood for reference.

Newsletter: Pauline noted that August 20 is the mail date. Four pages only, eight pages would be too expensive.

For the Good of the Neighborhood: Dick updated the BOD about the Fireworks Ban proposed by Charles and Ann Anderson and their letter to the city. BOD discussed the matter in great detail and decided to ask Mr. Anderson to come back to talk to the BOD about the issue in August, September, or October.

Meeting Adjourned

Samish Neighborhood Association

7 p.m.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Community Baptist Church

Call to order

Public comment period (Please limit comments to three minutes)

Old Business

President’s Announcements

Approval of July 2010 Minutes

Treasurer’s Report

MNAC Report

Good Neighbor/Business Award

New Business

Picnic preparations

Newsletter review

For the Good of the Neighborhood


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