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SNA minutes 2018-05

Samish Neighborhood Association Board Meeting
7 PM, Thursday, May 10, 2018  –  Community Baptist Church

Meeting was called to order @ ~7:00 pm

BOD Members Present:  Steve A, Tom R, Tom D, Nikki L, Dick C, Joe C, Kevin P, and Joy H.

  • Approximately 20-25 neighbors attended, primarily to learn more details about the Samish Neighborhood Docketing Proposal
  • Michael Lilliquist, Ward 6 City Council Member, was also in attendance

Approved minutes from April 12 BOD meeting

  • Meeting minutes were approved unanimously

Treasurer’s Report

  • Tom Read presented his report on current finances:

Checking Balance on 4/12/18                             $3179.09

Expenses (reimbursement for Mar 15 items)          ($266.05)

Deposits (from Dues Paid)                                    $407.00

Checking Balance on 4/12/18                             $3320.04

Current paid members (2018-19)  110 members

         2017-18 members not renewed      47 past members

Annual Samish Neighborhood Picnic – Sunday, September 16; 12 noon – 3:00 p.m.

  • Lake Padden Playground Pavilion has been reserved from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Upcoming Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center (WDRC) Workshop

  • Workshop particulars presented by Tom Dohman
  • Title:          Comfort with Conflict
  • Date / Time: Thursday, May 24; 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
  • Location:          Community Baptist Church

Samish Neighborhood Docketing Proposal Discussion

  • Steve A. outlined the city process involved in a Docketing Proposal
  • Focus of Samish Neighborhood Docketing Proposal (REZ2018-0004) includes proposed amendments to the Comprehensive / Neighborhood Plan
  • Amendments are related to the east-west Yew-Samish Arterial Connector (San Juan Blvd extension) and the north-south arterial (Governor Road extension); both are parts of the circulation map from the Samish Neighborhood Plan
  • Much spirited discussion ensued during which concerns were expressed about the potential negative impacts related to any abandonment of the San Juan Blvd extension without any consideration of a solid alternative plan for an east-west connector
  • Additional discussion focused on concerns related to water run-off (related to new home and street construction) and other infrastructure considerations
  • Samish neighbors present were encouraged to attend the May 17 Public Hearing with the Bellingham Planning Commission – during which 4 Docketing Proposals would be reviewed, including the Samish Neighborhood Docketing Proposal (REZ2018-0004)
  • Samish neighbors present were also encouraged to write letters to the Planning Commission before May 15 to express their general concerns, despite the fact that decisions about Docketing do not require detailed planning at this current stage
  • Samish neighbors present were also encouraged to remain engaged in this lengthy process, emphasizing the importance of many steps and decisions yet to be made

Old Business

MNAC Report

  • Brief description of the MNAC involvement by Samish Board members (Representative and Alternate) was described; topics included Code Compliance and Homeless Encampment Cleanups, Urban Villages updates and Neighborhood Roundtable updates
  • For further details of recent MNAC meeting minutes, neighbors present were directed to the MNAC meeting minutes link on the SNA website

DADU / ADU Update

  • During the Bellingham City Council meeting on May 7, 2018, they voted 5-2 to approve a 1st & 2nd reading of a city-wide ordinance amending Bellingham’s ADU Regulations (aimed at making DADUs legal in all neighborhoods – subject to pertinent guidelines)
  • The 3rd & Final reading & passage of the ordinance is on the meeting docket for 5/21/18.

New Business

Discussed possible projects to support (using a portion of SNA funds) – comments added

  • Refurbish neighborhood welcome signs ($2,350); new ($2,650) – deemed too expensive
  • Potential pump track (for bicycles) being considered near the corner of 40th St & Dumas Ave – design ideas are very preliminary, additional city / neighborhood feedback will be sought, concerns raised about preserving open space and walking trails through property

(For more info, check web link at

Date for the next SNA board meeting is set for Thursday, June 14, 2018

  • Plans have been made to have Ron Jepson (Jepson & Associates) speak to the meeting attendees about the Docketing Proposal (REZ2018-0004)
  • Ron represents the property owners as clients who want to develop properties and want to make amendments to the current Comprehensive / Neighborhood Plan

A Samish resident living near the top of Samish Crest Way raised serious behavior concerns

  • Non-residents have been parking vehicles and utilizing the roadside with behaviors including under-age drinking, illicit drug use and other potentially criminal behavior
  • Board members encouraged the resident to continue her efforts with neighbors & police

Meeting was adjourned @ 8:45 pm

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