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SNA minutes 2018-08

Samish Neighborhood Association Board Meeting
7 PM, Thursday, August 9, 2018  –  Community Baptist Church

The board meeting was called to order @ ~7:10 pm

SNA Board Members Present:  Steve A, Tom R, Nikki L, Jon N. and Tom D.

  • Eric Osterkamp (NPO) in attendance for first 20 minutes of meeting
  • 1 Samish neighbor (Barb Bessire / non-board member) in attendance

Neighborhood Police Officer Report – Eric Osterkamp

  • Made mention of increased car prowls in Samish and nearby neighborhoods
  • Mentioned recent Bellingham events that displayed the BPD Bearcat (armored vehicle) and offered to bring the Bearcat to the Samish Neighborhood picnic gathering

Motion was then made by Tom R to request that BPD display the Bearcat at the upcoming Samish Neighborhood picnic; seconded by Jon N; 5 Yea votes, 0 No votes.

Approve minutes from June 14 BOD meeting

  • Meeting minutes were approved unanimously

Public Comments:  Samish neighbor (Barb Bessire) made mention of a loud, speeding vehicle on Samish Way; discussion ensued about reporting such incidents to the BPD traffic patrol.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Tom Read presented his report on current finances (1 recent expense, several new dues paid since June 2018 SNA meeting):

Checking Balance on 6/14/18                             $3320.04

Expenses (internet site maintenance fee)                  –$95.40

Deposits                                                             +$147.00

Checking Balance on 8/9/18                               $3371.64

Current paid members (2018-19)                          118 members

2017-18 members not renewed                             42 past members

Old Business

MNAC Report:  Steve A. attended the July 18 MNAC meeting – given absence of both the SNA delegate and alternate.  Discussions centered on transportation, parking and land use.  There is an MNAC link on the Samish Neighborhood website that leads to the City of Bellingham website where detailed minutes from all past MNAC meetings can be found.


New Business

Fall Newsletter:  Final drafts of articles (Dohman, Read, Conoboy, Abell) for the upcoming newsletter are due to Steve A. by 8/20; due to editor (Greg M.) by 8/21; to Minuteman Press by 8/28; to Post Office by 9/4; arrive in Samish residents’ mailboxes by ~9/11.


Short Term Rentals:  Proposal to regulate Short Term Rentals (Airbnb, VRBO, FlipKey, etc.) has solicited public comments from citizens; Planning Commission has made their recommendations to the City Council, which is now holding work sessions to finalize the ordinance language before they vote on the final ordinance.


Steve A. offered to pick-up 2 60-qt coolers to utilize at our annual SNA picnics.  A motion was made by Tom R to purchase 2 such coolers; seconded by Jon N; 5 Yea votes, 0 No votes.


Jon N suggested that the SNA board might want to consider updating the Samish Neighborhood website ( to make it more aesthetic, user-friendly and perhaps more functional as (e.g. able to process membership applications & payments).  Jon solicited other interested parties (Tom D has volunteered) who would like to provide input and help critique potential improvements.  The goal in the near term would be to craft a website presentation to the entire board to demonstrate what might be possible.  No motion was proposed nor funds provided at this very preliminary stage.


September 16 SNA Picnic Plans:  Lake Padden Park Pavilion, 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm

The picnic plan includes a menu of salmon filets, burgers and brats plus picnic supplies and beverages; side dishes to be provided by attendees in a pot luck style.

The picnic event replaces the normal board meeting for September.  The next SNA board is scheduled for Thursday, October 11.


The board meeting was adjourned @ ~8:20 pm

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