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SNA minutes 2018-06

Samish Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

7 PM, Thursday, June 14, 2018  –  Community Baptist Church

Meeting was called to order @ ~7:10 pm

BOD Members Present:  Steve A, Tom R, Nikki L, Dick C, Joe C, Kevin P, Jon N. and Joy H.

  • 20 residents signed, additional ~10 neighbors were present including several residents from the Puget Neighborhood
  • Samish residents had been previously informed – both at the May 2018 SNA meeting as well as via a Nextdoor Samish Hill notice – that additional details about the Samish Neighborhood Docketing Proposal would be presented by Ron Jepson (Jepson & Associates) who represents the property owners involved with the Docketing Proposal.
  • Public Comment period was skipped to allow more Q&A time after the presentation

Approved minutes from May 10 BOD meeting

  • Meeting minutes were approved unanimously

Treasurer’s Report

  • Tom Read presented his report on current finances (no new expenses, no new dues paid since May 2018 SNA meeting):

Checking Balance on 5/10/18                             $3320.04

Expenses                                                                 $0.00

Deposits                                                                  $0.00

Checking Balance on 6/14/18                             $3320.04

Current paid members (2018-19)                          110 members

2017-18 members not renewed                             47 past members

Neighborhood Police Officer (NPO) Presentation – Eric Osterkamp

  • Eric gave an overview of the Neighborhood Police Officer program
  • Discussed plans for Move Out Madness event re: WWU students
  • Provided advice to keep firearms locked up at home
  • Described his personal experience with the BearCat armored vehicle (protection from shooters)

Noted the availability of safe drug drop-off programs sponsored by BPD:  1) unused prescription medications can be dropped off at several local pharmacies, 2) prescription narcotics can only be dropped off at the BPD station @ 505 Grand Ave, M-F, 8 am–5 pm  (see link to program details )

Samish Neighborhood Docketing Proposal – Presented by Ron Jepson

  • Ron Jepson distributed map handouts, presented a summary of the Samish Neighborhood Docketing Proposal (REZ2018-0004) and fielded related questions.
  • A spirited discussion took place between Ron and the neighbors in attendance which lasted ~75 minutes
  • There was general agreement that abandonment of the San Juan Blvd extension would degrade the traffic situation if no other East-West arterial is identified and built
  • There was much concern and resistance to simply allowing future increased pass-through traffic on existing neighborhood streets
  • Bellingham City Council public hearing on docketing REZ2018-0004 is on July 9
  • While the council is expected to approve the docketing proposal, concerned residents were advised to make their concerns known via written comments to as well as personal contacts with council members
  • The point was made that it’s important to register our concerns prior to Public Hearings since council members are likely to make up their minds early on these issues
  • Consideration of amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Samish Neighborhood Plan will come up for discussion & debate in the Fall/Winter 2018/2019 in a Type VI process.
  • Long term council members (Knutson and Borneman) are likely to be sympathetic to the neighborhood concerns; newer council members are likely to push growth regardless of expressed neighborhood concerns
  • Dick C. cited upcomingcity deliberations on a subdivision ordinance and the infill toolkit as potential threats to single family home zoning, including any new development(s) on Samish Hill
  • Separate consideration of multiple items (ADUs, STRs, Subdivisions, Toolkits) is likely to lead to shortsighted decisions and will tend to mask possible overall detrimental impacts / effects on existing residential neighborhoods and their character

Old Business

MNAC Report:  Kevin P. was part of a group that toured the new Waterfront Park (under construction & not yet open to the public); there is no opening date available yet

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Ordinance:  Nothing new since the ordinance was passed by the City Council in May 2018

Short Term Rentals (STR):  Council reviews the proposed ordinance on June 18 with a Public Hearing.  It is important to note that the proposed ordinance prohibits Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (D-ADUs) from being used as Short Term Rentals (STRs)

New Business

Fall Newsletter:  There is a need for articles for the upcoming newsletter; articles will be due to the editor (Greg M.) no later than August 20, 2018

Steve A. will solicit board members to write suitable articles and coordinate the process

September 16 SNA Picnic Plans:  Lake Padden Park Pavilion, 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm

Joe C. has again offered the use of his barbecue grill; the picnic plan includes a menu of salmon filets and brats plus trimmings

Meeting was adjourned @ ~8:45 pm

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