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SNA minutes 2019-01 DRAFT

Samish Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

7 PM, Thursday, January 10, 2019 – Community Baptist Church

The board meeting was called to order @ ~7:08 pm

SNA Board Members Present:  Steve A, Tom R, Nikki L, Dick C, Joe C, and Tom D.

  • Public Members Present:  Barb Beshire

Public Comment

  • No public comments received

BPD Report (Eric Osterkamp – not present)

  • Eric notified the SNA President and the public (via of his promotion to Patrol Sergeant.  He is no longer an NPO; presently the South Bellingham area (includes Samish) is without an official NPO.  Since the departure of NPOs (Dante Alexander & Eric Osterkamp), a single NPO has been assigned – Jon Knutsen.   We are awaiting news of another NPO assignment and ID of the specific officer dedicated to South Bellingham.

Minutes Review & Approval

  • Approved minutes from November 8, 2018 BOD meeting
  • Meeting minutes were approved unanimously

Treasurer’s Report

  • Tom Read presented his report on current finances (recent expenses, dues paid since November 8, 2018 SNA meeting):

Checking Balance on 11/08/2018                          $2781.28

Expenses & Deposits

Sec of State Registration (2019)                               ($10.00)

P.O. Box Rental (USPS)                                          ($96.00)

Squarespace Website payment                                ($156.24)

Dues for 2018-2019                                                $120.00

Checking Balance on 1/10/2019                            $2639.04

Current paid members (2018-19)                          141 members

Old Business

Progress report on NEW SNA website development (Neville / Dohman)

  • Tom D gave an onscreen “tour” of the in-progress Squarespace SNA website
  • Much of the info was carried over from the current website, new photos have been incorporated as banners on landing pages, ease of modification emphasized
  • Discussion of potential E-Commerce upgrade ensued; more detail needed on E-payments
  • Request was made by BOD members to receive screen shots of current new website for review in advance of launching the new website (in process)

Progress on Ridgemont Park renovation (Dohman)

  • Significant progress has been made on the park renovation (new play equipment, new sidewalk, grading of the surrounding park areas
  • Park is currently fenced off during renovation but work is expected to be completed by February 1, 2019
  • Updates of progress including photos have periodically been posted on

Update on San Juan Blvd and Samish Hill development (Abell)

  • No detailed updates to report; 120-day period for input to City Planners expires on or about February 1, 2019.
  • Jepson & Associates have yet to submit a detailed development plan related to potential removal of SJB Connector from Samish Neighborhood plan and Comprehensive Plan

Change in WTA bus routing in Samish (Read / Abell)

  • WTA received, acknowledged and responded to the content of the letter from SNA describing the need to preserve a bus route to serve interested Samish neighborhood residents; comments received at a recent public meeting also helped sway WTA plans
  • WTA has proposed reinstating the “old” 44 bus route (out Lakeway Dr. to Lincoln St. to Samish Way to Yew St. to Lakeway Dr.)
  • Upcoming WTA BOD meeting to be held on Thursday, January 17, 2019 at the Whatcom County Council Chambers beginning at 8:00 a.m. to finalize such route plans (among other WTA business)

Revisit renovation of our “Welcome to Samish Neighborhood” signs (Conoboy)

  • Dick C. discussed the possibility of paying a sign painter to refresh / refurbish our neighborhood signs, assuming the cost is not deemed prohibitive
  • A motion was made by Dick C, seconded by Joe C and approved by a 6-0 in-favor vote to seek a bid for a painter to potentially improve the appearance of these aging signs

New Business

New logging project on Samish Hill (Abell / Dohman)

  • A new logging project on Samish Hill has been initiated by the Samish Heights, Inc. ownership group; this is a Type 3 process that is being administered by WA State DNR
  • The project entails creation of a 2,000 ft. gravel-paved access road (off Wildwood Dr.) – which began in December 2018
  • The DNR-approved Forest Practices permit allows logging of 95% of timber in their land parcel (68.3 acres), with replanting of a prescribed density of various tree seedlings
  • The logging process is expected to begin in Spring 2019 (sometime in March – June timeframe) and is expected to take 2-3 weeks (per Janicki Logging response)

Discuss possible use of a new debit card for some SNA purchases

  • Much discussion ensued about the pros & cons of seeking issuance of a debit card for making approved purchases related to SNA business needs
  • General agreement was not achievable, given differing opinions about benefits / risks & perceived complexities
  • A compromise was finally reached for very limited use of such a payment card
  • A motion was proposed (Joe C), seconded by Tom D and approved by a 4 Yes, 2 Abstentions vote, that was worded as follows:
  • SNA will seek a debit card from the North Coast Credit Union, the firm that maintains our checking account.
  • This card will be limited to use only for payment of an annually recurring (auto-renewal) charge for our new SNA website (a Squarespace Personal plan) – unless additional debit uses or other website plans are approved by the SNA BOD.
  • Once acquired, the debit card will be maintained in the Treasurer’s possession.
  • Tom R, as current Treasurer, will relay card information to Jon N in order to update the billing information on our Squarespace account.
  • All other approved SNA charges / purchases will continue to be processed via receipts and reimbursement requests, as they have in the past.

Need to Line-Up Guest Speakers for the March 20th Spring General Meeting

  • Potential for having the new NPO for South Bellingham meet the group (if one is appointed & identified in time for an invitation to go out
  • Present NEW SNA Website to assembled members / guests (Neville / Dohman)

Need for informative articles for the Spring Newsletter; article drafts need to be sent to Greg McCracken ( No Later Than February 25, 2019

–        Letter from the SNA President (Abell)

  • Article on the current logging project on Samish Hill (Abell / Dohman)
  • Article on the San Juan Blvd connector situation (Carpenter)
  • Article on the WTA Bus line proposal to maintain service to Samish (Read)
  • Article on the launch of our new website (Neville / Dohman)
  • Article on Ridgemont Park renovation (Dohman)

Kevin Probasco (Board Member & MNAC Representative) has resigned from the SNA board. We thank him for his service to the neighborhood and wish him well in his future pursuits.

Next Board Meeting

  • Our next SNA board meeting is scheduled on Thursday, February 14, 2019

Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm.

***REMINDER***   Wednesday, March 20, 2019; 7:00-9:00 pm; Elks/Moose Lodgeconfirmed date for the SNA Spring General Meeting

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