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SNA minutes 2018-04

Samish Neighborhood Association Board meeting

7 PM, Thursday, April 12, 2018 Community Baptist Church

Called to Order @ 7:15 pm (delayed as the church building was not unlocked)

BOD Members Present:  Steve A, Tom R, Joy H, Dick C, Joe C, Jon N, and Tom D.

Public comment period (limit to 3 minutes each, please)

  • No attendees present from the neighborhood (outside of BOD members)

BPD police report – NPO Eric Osterkamp

  • Eric O was not present

Approve minutes from March meeting

  • Annual Meeting (3/15/18) minutes were approved unanimously

Treasurer’s report

  • Tom Read presented his report on current finances:

Checking Balance on 3/15/18           $2,168.09

Expenses (none)

Deposits (from Dues Paid)                $1011.00

Checking Balance on 4/12/18           $3179.09

Current paid members (2018-19)        80 members (20 new)

         2017-18 members not renewed  70 past members

MNAC report

Old business

Review of March 15th General Business Meeting & newsletter

  • Feedback from several SNA members in attendance was positive
  • Guest speakers & topics were of good general interest to attendees

ADU update – Council meeting April 9th

  • 1st Hearing completed on 4/9
  • Both supporters of the city-wide DADU proposal and concerned citizens who are against a city-wide adoption of DADUs (as opposed to one that is considered on a neighborhood basis) spoke at the council meeting

New business

Election of officers for 2018-19

Current slate of nominated officers: Steve Abell (President), Dick Conoboy (Vice-President), Tom Dohman (Secretary), Tom Read (Treasurer) – all were approved unanimously

Also, new 2-year terms were extended for Kevin Probasco (as MNAC representative) & Dick Conoboy (as MNAC alternate)

Reviewed contact needs for board members

  • An updated list of contact info for board members (for internal board use) was reviewed for accuracy
  • All board members have submitted contact info – for use by Samish neighbors – that is published on the neighborhood website

Expressed a desire to determine interest in Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center 2-hr class

  • Workshop is offered at no cost by the WDRC
  • “Comfort with Conflict: Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills for Your Home and Your Community”
  • BOD will solicit interest level among Samish neighbors in order to justify scheduling such a class

Discussed possible projects to support (using a portion of SNA funds) – comments added

  • Refurbish neighborhood welcome signs ($2,350); new ($2,650) – deemed quite expensive; thoughts of considering a less expensive approach
  • Improve house number visibility – individual numbers quite expensive; painted curbs not practical given the lack of curbs in many parts of Samish neighborhood
  • Scholarship award – funneling neighborhood association funds to individual recipients considered inappropriate; preference is for donations to be targeted for a broader community benefit
  • Potential pump track being considered near the corner of 40th St & Dumas Ave – design ideas are very preliminary, additional city / neighborhood feedback will be sought, concerns raised about preserving open space and walking trails through this property

(for info check web link at

  • Others?

Sept 16, 2018 – tentative date for the 2018 SNA summer picnic

Meeting was adjourned @ 8:20 pm


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