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SNA Minutes 2010.01

Samish Neighborhood Association (SNA)

Board of Directors Meeting

January 12, 2010 7PM

Call to order: President Greg McCracken called the meeting to order: BOD present is Greg McCracken, Steve Hood, Joe Carpenter, David Gilbertson, Dick Conoboy, Garey Vodopich, Ned Hannah, April Markiewicz, and Tom Roehl. Absent were Tim Wynn, Shirley Forslof, Eric Weight and Trinn Murray. Neighborhood residents attending were Pauline Palmer and Don Hale.

Public Comments: No public comments were made.

Old Business

President’s Announcement: Nothing to report from MNAC. We continue to prepare for our SNA General Meeting on March 10. Greg thanked Steve for November’s Minutes and asked if there were any comments on them.

Approval of November 2009 Minutes: A motion was made and approved unanimously to approve the November minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: April reported we have a total balance of $1,250.38. $65.21 of which is in savings, $10 petty cash, and the remaining $1,175.17 in checking. Outflows were for Sec. of State non-profit renewal, and meeting room rental. The Treasurer’s report was approved unanimously.

MNAC Report: Greg reported the COB budget continues to face scrutiny. Thus neighborhood associations like ours will have the financial support from the COB reduced from $1000.00 per year to $500. There will also not be any ‘Small and Simple Grants’ this year. Greg also reported that we will have a US Census Representative at the next general meeting to explain to residents what to expect when they encounter a Census worker. There is also a new program from the city that utilizes a computer based simulation on storm water runoff. The program is voluntary and the city is looking for volunteers. The city has a budget of $50K. This program is similar to ones provided in cities like Portland OR, and Boston MA.

SNA Tax Status: No discussion at this time.

Good Neighbor/Business Award: Trin was expected to report on this idea. The BOD discussed the problem of not having very many businesses in the neighborhood boundaries.

New Business

Pauline reported that the Newsletter deadline is the end of January. Our annual meeting is scheduled for March 10. Thus we will need to get the draft to the printer by February 9th.

Plan for General Meeting in March: Greg asked for volunteers for the BOD nomination committee. Steve and Ned said they will not run for reelection. Steve, Ned, Joe, April, will be on committee and look for geographic representation. Tom Chisolm should be approached to run again. Parkhurst should be looked in to given they do not have any representation on BOD. April reported the last membership drive worked well and she expects more membership renewals at our next general meeting. BOD agreed that our focus at this meeting should be SNA’s new website. Greg asked if we should consider a retreat for BOD to focus on issues like bylaws, structure of SNA, ect. Invited guest at the next general meeting are Mayor, Steve Swan from WWU University Relations, New Councilman Mike Lilliquist, our Neighborhoods Anti-Crime Unit Officer Sergeant Keith Johnson, and Andy Day from the Bellingham Fire Department. We plan to have tables set up for Membership. Consider table for Disaster Preparedness. We’ll need to bring maps as usual. Greg will invite Seth Fleetwood and April will contact Kathy Bell on Land Use. Greg will also invite a representative from Puget and Sehome Neighborhood too.

For the Good of the Neighborhood: Dick C. noted the website needs some updating to reflect new City Council members, County too. There is a Citizen Transportation Forum on Jan. 30th at Fountain Community Church from 10-12. Steve inquired as to the status of the development at the end of 33rd. Greenways is considering buying the Chuckanut Ridge area. April noted the Small and Simple grant presentation will be at an upcoming MNAC meeting. April and Greg will do presentation together on February 17th at 7PM in the Mayor’s Boardroom. Joe asked if he could plant a Flowering Crabapple Tree at the Samish and Elwood neighborhood sign. BOD agreed that was fine.

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